AWS Hits Australia, But You’ll Pay To Be Local

AWS Hits Australia, But You’ll Pay To Be Local

After years of rumours, Amazon has launched an Australian presence for its Amazon Web Services cloud computing offerings. Companies that don’t want the latency issues associated with offshore cloud might welcome the move, but there is a premium associated with using the Australian services.

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Amazon confirmed the launch in a post on its blog overnight, marking its ninth distinct region where it offers AWS. Services on offer include its main Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2) product, as well as its Simple Storage Service (S3) option.

Amazon has always charged on a region basis, with different pricing and services depending on the data centre customers choose. That’s reflected in its pricing for the new Australian cloud offerings. As The Register notes, the prices for both EC2 and S3 are higher in Australia than most other markets. The differences aren’t massive and services which require a local presence will probably put up with them, but it does serve as a reminder that the ‘Australia tax’ doesn’t disappear with online services.

New Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region in Australia [Amazon Web Services Blog]


  • While in fact more expensive than other regions (actually virtually equal to Singapore) it seems it is going to refresh Australian cloud market. Looking on price comparison of providers in Australia, AWS simply out stands. Even with on-demand prices it is almost always cheaper than others, while with reservations they just rule out anyone else. Check it on (Australia tab) – only OpSource is somehow close.

    • Complete agree – the price may be a little more expensive than the other regions ($0.140/GB for first TB versus $0.125/GB for US Standard), but it still blows away the competition.
      I only use S3 for my personal offsite backups – so will probably just stick with US (about 0.77/month versus 0.87/month for Sydney region!)

  • The prices are not as cheap as the NA prices but they blow the prices of the VPS offerings here out of the water.

    If you are a VPS user seriously consider getting a spot EC2 instance and set it to a high hourly rate (In the order of $0.30 for a medium and $1.00 for a large) with 2 volumes attached, one for a rsync of your system set to hourly in cron and one for your home just in case. Make the spot non-renewable.

    What would cost me $30 a month with an Aussie VPS I can do for $7.50 a month on Amazon. What would cost $200 a month on an Aussie VPS I can do for $30.

    Just plan your top price carefully, look at the spot history over the past 3 months and make those 2 safety backups.

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