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ALDI Selling Huawei Android Phone For $60

OK, it only runs Android 2.2 and it’s hardly a new model, but the Huawei Ideos U8150 is a solid basic Android phone, and we suspect ALDI won’t have too much trouble selling it for $59.99, a deal that kicks off tomorrow morning (November 5).

The device comes with $35 of basic credit and 1GB of data, to be used within 28 days. The phone is network-locked to Virgin Mobile (Optus, in effect), but you can get it unlocked after an $80 recharge if you want to use a different network. If you’re keen, I’d suggest being at your local store when it opens; some Lifehacker readers have also gotten lucky with ALDI specials just before closing on the day before those specials officially start.