ALDI Selling Huawei Android Phone For $60

OK, it only runs Android 2.2 and it's hardly a new model, but the Huawei Ideos U8150 is a solid basic Android phone, and we suspect ALDI won't have too much trouble selling it for $59.99, a deal that kicks off tomorrow morning (November 5).

The device comes with $35 of basic credit and 1GB of data, to be used within 28 days. The phone is network-locked to Virgin Mobile (Optus, in effect), but you can get it unlocked after an $80 recharge if you want to use a different network. If you're keen, I'd suggest being at your local store when it opens; some Lifehacker readers have also gotten lucky with ALDI specials just before closing on the day before those specials officially start.



    To be honest I'm more interested in the HD set top box.

      I would steer clear of the Aldi Set Top boxes from what I have read on Whirlpool about them they're nothing but trouble.

    I don’t get who these “Cheapest Android phone on the market” posts are supposed to appeal to.

    Those who want a smartphone, want one that will offer them a good user experience, which will run current apps, and have features expected of the current generation of phones. They’re not going to be especially bothered about ridiculously cheap handsets, because the user experience is going to be sub-par.

    On the other hand, those who want a budget phone for a tiny amount of cash – probably aren’t going to be particularly bothered whether it’s a smartphone or not; because odds are they’re just looking for something that makes and receives calls, and sends and receives txts.

    I don’t doubt these will sell; but I’m not sure that the average Life Hacker reader is the intended buyer anyway.

      You are forgetting people like me, people that WANT a smartphone, but don't have the money for the latest, so have to settle for "better-than-non-smartphones"

    We've got several of these phones in our household, and the kids love them! It's a perfectly good user experience and it runs all the apps they need it to! No need to pay many hundreds of $ for a more expensive phone when this does the job nicely, thank you very much. :-)

    The kids all are on PAYG with Virgin which gets them plenty of phone and data usage (for tethering their laptops).

    Will be getting another tomorrow from Aldi.

    I used to own one of these. Used it for 6 months before upgrading to its bigger brother the IDEOS X5.

    Huawei phones are fantastic value for money. Other than being good value for what hardware you get, they also have the benefit of using stock Android without any additional 'fluff' on top.

    This particular phone is a steal for $59. No, it won't run Angry Birds Ultra Super 3D Turbo, but it will run many of the simpler games, and most other apps that you would want. I used mine as an ebook reader quite often.

    For many people that just want something that combines a phone with a personal organiser, this is a great inexpensive choice.

    No need to rush - pretty sure you'll find these at Dick Smith for the same price.

    Lol this is perfect. I was going to pay $40 for 1gb of prepaid credit for my visit to Australia.. Now for extra $20 i get calling credit and a phone.. Yippie.

    @Sam, The average LH reader huh? Did you post that from your iPhone 4S?

      Wow first time I've been called an apple fanboi. Even more surprising considering I own a nexus s and have never owned an apple product in my life lol

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