What TV Shows Would You Like To See Streamed Live?

todayshowNine plans to start streaming the Today Show online from Monday, making it one of the few TV programs you can watch live to air without an aerial. Do we need more of them?

As Mumbrella points out in announcing the move, the show is only the second Nine production (after its 6pm news) to be regularly offered in a live streaming format. While most of the networks offer clips from already-broadcast shows, and select whole episodes are available (especially via the ABC’s iView, there’s not much actual live content around online.

But given bandwidth limitations and the popularity of Channel BT, does that really matter? Which shows would you really like to be able to watch online? Is sport the only appealing option, or would you prefer MasterChef? Share your ideas in the comments.

Nine’s Today show to be live streamed [Mumbrella]

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