ABC Adds Twitter, Facebook Features To iView

shareiviewThe ABC's iView catchup service is already a Lifehacker favourite, especially if your ISP doesn't include it in your monthly download quota, and now the national broadcaster has made it easier to share iView content with others.

Some new tweaks to the iView site let you share content via Facebook, Twitter, delicious and (I'll be honest, the last one is news to me in any form). Just click on the Share button on the program description and choose your preferred social networking platform.

ABC iView


    That's brilliant. The ABC seems light years ahead of all the other free to air networks when it comes to technology.

      yeah... except that the Beta of iView worked perfectly on my old G5 and now it's unusable. One more thing, like Second Life a few years ago and then Facebook, I'm sick to death of hearing Twitter this Twitter that

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