Here’s How Much Time You Can Save by Skipping TV Intros

Here’s How Much Time You Can Save by Skipping TV Intros

With the rise of binge-watching has also come the rise of skipping TV intros.

Gone are the days where you were forced to tune in live and sit through a long TV intro before you could find out what happened after that opening act hook. Now streaming services actually prompt you to skip through an intro at the press of the button.

A lot of us are short on time these days and just want to skip to the point, which makes that skip intro button look pretty appealing. But have you ever wondered how much time skipping the opening credits is actually saving you? Let’s find out.

Here’s how much time you’ll get back from skipping TV intros

Research from Office Furniture Online has uncovered just how much time you can save from skipping those tv intros.

To figure this out the researchers took a bunch of shows from Netflix’s ‘most popular’ tab and IMDB’s top-rated shows and calculated the length of their intro, multiplied by the number of episodes.

Here are the results:

  • The Office: 20 seconds (22 minutes)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 21 seconds (23 minutes)
  • New Girl: 22 seconds (30 minutes)
  • Parks and Recreation: 22 seconds (21 minutes)
  • Big Bang Theory: 23 seconds (22 minutes)
  • Sons of Anarchy 38 seconds (45 minutes)
  • Walking Dead: 42 seconds (1 hour)
  • Grace and Frankie: 43 seconds (30 minutes)
  • Friends: 46 seconds (22 minutes)
  • Gogglebox: 50 seconds (60 minutes)
  • Vikings: 51 seconds (44 minutes)
  • Gilmore Girls: 55 seconds (45 minutes)
  • American Horror Story: 60 seconds (60 minutes)
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: 66 seconds (24 minutes)
  • Dexter: 97 seconds (55 minutes)
  • The Sopranos: 98 seconds (50 minutes)
  • The Simpsons: 86 seconds (22 minutes)
  • Game of Thrones: 118 seconds (55 minutes)

So let’s say you went through all these TV shows in a year. How much time does skipping their intros save you all up?

30 hours.

Yep, over a day in just TV intros. You could binge-watch a whole new show with that time.

Fun fact: which TV shows have the longest intros

The TV shows with the longest intros out of the list were Game of Thrones at 1 minute and 58 seconds, followed by The Sopranos at 98 seconds and Dexter at 97 seconds.

According to the internet, however, the English-speaking TV show with the longest opening credits is in fact… Twin Peaks at 2 minutes and 36 seconds.

So remember to factor in the skipped intro minutes when looking at the episode runtime. It could be the difference between watching one episode during your lunch break or two.

The case for watching TV intros

All this being said, not everyone finds TV intros annoying. Some are actually quite fun to sing along to (Friends) or they hide interesting teasers about the show (Game of Thrones).

They also usually showcase the talented people who worked hard to bring you the show you’re enjoying, so you really should consider watching a TV intro every now and then out of respect.

But if you do choose to skip your tv intros, it’s 30 hours of your life you could be getting back.

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