What TV Shows Would You Like To See Streamed Live?

What TV Shows Would You Like To See Streamed Live?
todayshowNine plans to start streaming the Today Show online from Monday, making it one of the few TV programs you can watch live to air without an aerial. Do we need more of them?

As Mumbrella points out in announcing the move, the show is only the second Nine production (after its 6pm news) to be regularly offered in a live streaming format. While most of the networks offer clips from already-broadcast shows, and select whole episodes are available (especially via the ABC’s iView, there’s not much actual live content around online.

But given bandwidth limitations and the popularity of Channel BT, does that really matter? Which shows would you really like to be able to watch online? Is sport the only appealing option, or would you prefer MasterChef? Share your ideas in the comments.

Nine’s Today show to be live streamed [Mumbrella]


  • Ever since I built a MythTV box, I’ve decided that “watching live” is the wrong way to watch TV, except when the event is genuinely live such as (some) sport. I record everything I want to watch, and watch it when I feel like it, not when the TV networks decide I should be watching it (especially all the really good shows that aren’t popular with the masses and keep moving around to different time slots late at night). This argument also applies to a lesser extent to “Channel BT” and the post-screening download services (such as ABC iView), but recording off the air saves you a heap of download quota.

  • I would be happy to pay money to watch Formula 1 and some other motorsports, live, without adverts over the internet. By the time it gets mashed through local (tassie) tv, it is 70% advertising, 20% bad local commentary and 10% actual vision, usually just the pit-stops…

  • I’d be prepared to pay good money NOT to see the Today Show.

    Other than news, I’m not sure that I’d be interested and if push comes to shove, I’d prefer a menu of items rather than having someone else decide on newsworthiness and the order of presentation.

    Hey! Isn’t that what newspapers and the internet are good for?

  • if they are geared up to stream a single TV show, there is nothing else they have to do in order to stream every other show 24/7 on that network, (aside from getting a web-jockey to provide a link to each program, and checking there is enough storage space on their server).

    ideally, they would just roll it all out at once, and provide access to months of past and present programs. the only thing stopping the Nine execs from doing it, is their fear of new technology — Freeview anyone??

    most likely we will see everything but their newest popular content, eg. Underbelly, which they may have hopes of licensing to overseas markets prior to releasing it online.

    the reality is, anything actually worth watching is available online (legit or not) within an hour of it being telecast — the iView concept just makes it easier for the masses to access that content in one place, thus attracting more viewers/advertising dollars.

  • krzystoff is talking out of his asss.

    pbl media execs aren’t afraid of technology, they are afraid of cannibalizing their revenue. online advertising is not worth as much as tv advertising, so in the current market, if people begin using online streams more, then the parent companies will earn less.

    this may shift over time. but execs have short term KPIs.

    it’s easy for abc to do what ever they want because they don’t have to answer to shareholders. they are a public service.

  • so, if anything, ninemsn/pbl should be commended for testing the grounds on their high rating programs, such as evening news and morning news

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