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Star Trek Discovery opened the universe of Kirk, Spock and McCoy to a whole new generation of potential Trekkies. And while it was full of little Easter Eggs for existing fans, it was really made for people with no interest in any of the older Star Trek series.

But, if you wanted to get into the wider Star Trek pantheon, where would you start? Do you need to go back to the original series made in the 1960s. Or can you kick things off with one of the other TV shows? Or are the recent movies starring Christopher Pine the place to start?


We're five episodes into the latest instalment of the Star Trek television canon. Despite some weirdness about the Klingons appearance and the way they speak, I think Star Trek: Discovery has the potential to be the best Star Trek series put to air. Some, perhaps many, will disagree but after just five episodes, I've seen enough to make me think this could take the franchise into places Gene Roddenberry never went before.


One of the cleverest plot devices used by Gene Roddenberry in Star Trek was the Universal Translator. It solved the problem of how multi-lingual humans could communicate with alien species. Now, an Australian plumber has teamed with IBM to bring the device to reality. (Well, for Earth-bound speakers, at least.)

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Whether you're waxing nostalgic for the old animated series or you're curious to finally check out that season of Voyager you missed, every major Star Trek film and TV series is available for streaming somewhere. Here's where to find it all.