The Best Deals From Thinkgeek’s Epic Clearance Sale

The Best Deals From Thinkgeek’s Epic Clearance Sale
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Thinkgeek is one of my favourite places for picking up interesting bits of nerdiness that are actually useful. From the light sabre bottle opener in my kitchen drawer to lots of cool t-shirts and other bits of geekdom, there are heaps of great products available. And lots of those cool items are now on sale. Here are some of the current bargains that will be separating me from some of my hard-earned cash.

You can find hundreds of deals at Thinkgeek’s sale portal. Note that all prices are in US dollars and that you’ll need to factor in shipping costs. Here are a few highlights that caught my eye:

Schrödinger’s Cat Plush: $11.97

Actually, this is just constantly cuddly. There really isn’t a Schrödinger effect going on, but that’s what makes this so great! The mystery is already solved! It is just in a constant state of cuddly and cute.

Pokémon Pikachu Faux Leather Crossbody Purse: $29.97

Pokémon are great because they go with you everywhere. And now, you can count on them to go wherever you do even if you don’t have any Poké balls handy with these adorable little Pokémon character crossbody purses. The adjustable strap has a 10″-24″ drop and it’;s made from Vegan leather (all man-made materials).

Star Wars Darth Vader Women’s Blazer: $49.97

You’ll be most impressive when wearing this sharp black Darth Vader blazer. Featuring embroidered control panel lights on the left chest, Imperial cog buttons, and cut-and-sew satin stripes at the shoulders, the subtle Dark Lord of the Sith details will make everyone think twice before boasting about their new technological terrors in your presence.

Batman Game of Thrones King’s Landing Messenger Bag: $49.97

The King’s Landing messenger bag sports Lannister pride for all your royal needs. Hold all your riches in all the extra pocket space, including a sleeve for your otherworldly electronic laptop.

Star Trek TNG Corridor Door Cover: $19.99

There’s one thing we know for sure about the future: their doors are superior to ours. They do awesome iris things to open and close; they make shhk-shhk noises and open automatically as we approach. But sometimes we don’t need the technology (ask any Trek actor who ran into the doors when the stagehands were just a bit slow). This Star Trek TNG Corridor Door Cover will make any interior door look like a hallway from the Enterprise D of Star Trek: The Next Generation without the exorbitant expense of building a spaceship.


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