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Apple, the good design company, bundles its Apple TV with a pitch-black and horizontally symmetrical remote. This means that if you can find the remote in the dark, you're likely to grab it by the wrong end, grasping the touchpad and clicking the wrong button. Thankfully you can fix that by attaching an ugly spot of colour to your remote.


iOS/Mac: Whenever I plug my MacBook into a TV to share, say, a video with my friends, I end up on the floor, squatting in front of the laptop, while everyone else sits back and enjoys themselves. Since I occasionally use my Mac to manage the streaming media in my home and often find myself connecting it to some big screen via its HDMI port or through something like a Chromecast, a remote control would be a lifesaver.


Still using BitTorrent to exclusively download legally acquired content such as operating system images or files you want to share privately with friends? If so, you might want to double-check your security settings to protect yourself from what researchers at Google's Project Zero are calling a "low complexity hack" affecting Transmission and other popular BitTorrent clients. The flaw could leave your computer vulnerable to control by malicious hackers, but you can protect yourself by following a few steps until official fixes are in place.


At a glance, system monitors might not seem as useful on your iPhone as they are on a desktop computer, but they can pack in a lot of good data. This includes detailed battery life breakdowns, storage space and data speeds. For the average user, our favourite system monitor for the iPhone is Omnistat.


You've got your Raspberry Pi ready to go, but you want it to run it without having a keyboard or mouse (or perhaps even a screen) attached. In order to interact with it, you'll need to connect to it remotely and one way to accomplish that is with a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server / client setup.


If you're new to the world of compact media centres such as the Raspberry Pi, it's easy to get caught up in all the bits and bobs you need to get it set up. Of course, having the required cables -- power, HDMI, USB, etc -- is mandatory, but before you splurge on a custom remote and infrared receiver, make sure your TV doesn't provide this functionality already.


Many of us have to give presentations from time to time. And we've all suffered through boring presentations. While there are lots of techniques we can employ to make our slides more interesting work on our public speaking, one simple tool we can employ is a presentation remote control.


Dear Lifehacker, I sometimes need to take control of a client's PC and remotely install software, but don't do it enough to warrant getting a full suite like GoToMyPC. What are some good options that work well on both sides? The people I am trying to help often have problems with the difference in right and left click, so I don't want anything too complicated. Thanks, Total Control