Rapid Review: STM Grace Backpack

Rapid Review: STM Grace Backpack
Image: STM

Boring, black laptop-friendly backpacks are so 2010. Today, you can choose a laptop backpack that fits your specific needs and looks great. The STM Grace comes in some great colours and ticks the boxes when it comes to form and function.

What Is It?

The STM Grace is a laptop backpack designed to carry a 15-inch computer as well as a bunch of accessories. Although it’s pitched as part of the Australian company’s women’s collection, it comes in two colours; grape and night sky (a combination of two shades of blue).


Size 42 x W 29 x D 11 cm
Weight 600g
Materials Padded walls, bright, diamond-patterned, interior fabric, faux fur lining

What’s Good?

STM makes their bags to last and this is evident with the Grace. Everything from the zippers to the stitching is robust and will survive just about anything you can throw at it.

Internally, there are plenty of pockets and compartments for stashing cables, pens and styluses, a wallet, your phone and there’s a loop for hooking your keys so they’re not lost at the bottom of the bag. The faux-fur lined laptop section is well padded and suspended within the bag so your computer – it handles anything tip to 15-inches easily – doesn’t get banged up if you put the pack down roughly.

Rapid Review: STM Grace BackpackImage: STM

There’s also cable routing system inside the back so you can connect your phone to a charging brick without cables cluttering up the rest of your gear.

Although it’s pitched at women, I like the grape colour and would happily carry it. But there’s also the blue-based Night Sky option for those who prefer a less ostentatious look.

What’s Bad?

There’s not a lot wrong with the Grace. Although it’s comfy to carry, it lacks chest and waist straps. If you have a long walk on your commute, that may be an issue. But, on the other hand, most people don’t use those straps often so it’s not a dealbreaker in my view.

Other than that, I cannot see a lot wrong with it.

Should You Buy It

At just under $120, the STM Grace Backpack isn’t the cheapest pack you’ll find. But the build quality, comfort and thoughtful design make it great value in my view.

Most of my family use STM bags and packs and, even after years of use, none have had a tear, broken zip and any other issues.

If you’re looking for an attractive and functional backpack then it’s a great choice.

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