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Windows: I wouldn’t be surprised if you have have folders upon folders of photographs that you swear you’ll get to sorting “someday”. For me, that day was this weekend. For whatever reason, I felt like spending a few hours trying to tackle my lifetime of photographic history that I’ve dumped into a big “To Sort” folder on my network-attached storage device.


If your company communicates via Slack or one of its competitors, you know the intoxicating allure of a giant workplace chatroom where you can set up entire rooms devoted to things like Riverdale and skin care. And then there’s the actual job stuff you need to talk about. It can really eat up a day! Here’s how you keep it from eating up your nights, too.


iOS: If you’re the kind of person who uses a little creativity when organising the apps on your iPhone or iPad — by icon colour, for example — it might be time to take your device’s look to the next level. Sure, you can name your folders something descriptive and/or witty, like “yellow” instead of the category of the apps found within it, but here’s a trick you can use to ditch folder names entirely.


Android/iOS: I have a reasonable but not overwhelming amount of media: Mostly books, followed by video games, followed by some collectable vinyls and CDs that I keep around. I also have friends who have rooms full of stuff: Stacks of books and floor-to-ceiling bookcases that are nearly bursting from overuse.

All of us could benefit from checking out Libib, a free service you can use to scan and catalogue your books, movies, music and video games.


Having too many games is a great problem to have. And it's great that you've been taking advantage of Steam sales, packaged promotions, and possibly a tax refund or two to buy tons of games on the digital distribution platform. Only now, you realise the unintended effects of your buying binges. You have no idea how to keep your games organised - or what to play next.


Nobody likes an operating system that's full of unnecessary stray files, 20 annoying apps that start up when you fire up your computer, and other crap that slows down your system, makes your desktop feel disorganized, or gives you a headache whenever you're trying to work (or game). Thankfully, there are a number of free apps that can help you clean your Windows PC.