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Multiple Pixel 3 XL owners are complaining that a second notch has popped up on the right side of their phone screens. No, really.

This unholy phenomena is apparently caused by a software bug related to Android Pie's screen rotation settings. Google has acknowledged the issue and is now working on a fix. We swear we're not making this up.


For better or worse, an increasing number of smartphone manufacturers have embraced the notch. Making its debut on the Essential Phone before exploding into the mainstream with the iPhone X, it allows phones to have a 'bezel-free' display without compromising the camera, sensors or other front-facing components.

Some people consider notched displays to be a necessary evil. Others think they're an abomination. Whichever viewpoint you prescribe to, it turns out you can have an edge-to-edge screen without relying on a notch - all you need is a pop-up camera. Genius.