The Best Time Of Year To Sell Your Unwanted Crap

The Best Time Of Year To Sell Your Unwanted Crap

We’ve told you the best times of year to buy anything, but what if you want to sell your junk, not accumulate more of it? Here are the best months to sell everything that’s currently collecting dust in your closets.

The folks at OfferUp, a site and app that lets you buy and sell stuff locally (sort of like the previously mentioned TagSale) sent us some data and insight on when you should sell your junk to get the most bang for your buck.

  • Baby Gear: November Summer is the best time to sell your old cribs, strollers, and other baby gear. Garage sales are all the rage during the hotter months and it is a good chance for you to get rid of the warmer baby clothing for cheap that won’t fit next winter.
  • Jewellery and Engagement Rings: November Many people gift jewellery for the holidays, so if you have any high-end items to sell, you’ll probably do well to list them in November. Plus, December is a peak time for engagements. In November, the average price of engagement rings on OfferUp’s site is $1,136, compared with $933 in October.
  • Furniture: September We’ve told you before, rental rates spike around September, making it a really terrible time to look for an apartment – but a really good time to sell stuff to people moving into apartments. This goes for patio furniture, too. October is one of the best months to buy patio furniture because so many big box stores have sales going on, but if you’re selling patio furniture, September is an optimal month for it.

    You get in before the clearance items roll around and while renters are still looking to furnish their new backyards. OfferUp says sellers average $189 for patio items in September as opposed to $156 in October. It’s also a good time to buy something just before the official BBQ weather kicks in.

It’s also worth pointing out that the first of the year through March might not be the best time to sell your old stuff in general. Think about it: we all clean out our closets after the holidays or around springtime, so you’ve got more competition from other people selling their own unwanted crap.

Also, thrift stores often see a spike in donations at the end of the year as people try to claim last minute tax-deductions.

Of course, sometimes it’s just worth selling your junk as soon as possible just to clear yourself of the clutter. If you want to get a little more cash, though, consider your timing.


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