• Watch Red Bull’s F1 Drivers Take A Tour Of The Netherlands

    In preparation for the Dutch Grand Prix at the newly-revamped Zandvoort circuit—a race I was seriously looking forward to back in January—Red Bull Racing let its two drivers haul arse around the Verstappen’s home country in the old championship-winning RB7 and RB8 from 2011 and 2012. Though they have been re-skinned in the current team’s…

  • How To Change A Spark Plug

    Lady Camden is back and this time she’s rocking bigger hair, a jumpsuit, slayer nails and thigh-high boots. Today’s lesson? Changing a spark plug. I promise you it’s never been done with this amount of pomp, fake lashes and blatant innuendos before.

  • Why Do You Leave Your Car Unlocked?

    Cars have locking doors for a reason. They are there to keep you in and other people (or bears) out. But there are still people who leave their unattended cars unlocked and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why.