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  • We Need More Women-Friendly Cities

    We Need More Women-Friendly Cities

    Cities aren’t designed for women, and they’re definitely not designed for mothers — and that has created a massive dependency on vehicles, The Guardian writes. That’s because urban designers are generally considering the working man when they design things like roads or public transportation, and it’s a massive problem.

  • Stealing ‘Keyless’ Cars Is Alarmingly Easy

    It’s no secret that keyless entry systems don’t fully protect you against car theft. That hasn’t prevented automakers from building such cars — or consumers from buying them. This video showing how easy it is to steal several different keyless cars might start changing some minds.

  • How To Do A Spinning ‘Action Movie’ U-Turn

    Have you ever got on the road only to realise you’ve forgotten something crucial back at home? Do you have some kiddos in the rear who just don’t know when to stop kicking the back of your goddamn seat? Or are you just plain tired of making five-point turns? Then mastering the forward 180, courtesy…