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  • The Hidden (and Easiest) Way to Use Google Lens

    The Hidden (and Easiest) Way to Use Google Lens

    Google Lens is one of the company’s most useful and impressive tools: With it, you can scan objects in the world around you to learn more about anything from plants to pets, as well as lift text right out of an image. However, as it turns out, there’s a quick and convenient method to scanning…

  • How To Scan And Import Text Into Google Chrome With Google Lens

    Google Lens has let users scan, save, and translate text using their smartphone cameras for years, but recent updates have added new features like text-to-speech narration, barcode scanning, and, as of the most recent update, the ability to snap photos of text—including hand-written text—and send the translated results directly to your PC.

  • AI Test: Can Google Lens Actually Recognise Stuff?

    My dog, Alice, is an RSPCA special. She’s a nearly 40kg mix of every medium-to-large working breed without any distinguishing traits. Alice is such a mongrel that she’s registered as a ‘mixed cross’. Maybe Google Lens would be able to work out what breed she is. Its first guess was Dachshund/Corgi cross. That’s not right.…