Wow, Google Lens Is Actually Useful Now

Wow, Google Lens Is Actually Useful Now
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The Google Lens has been out for nearly two years now but its impact was not quite as revolutionising as we’d all hoped. Apart from a few nifty tricks like trying to analyse what’s in your camera, its lacklustre release has been, well… lacking.

Thankfully, following a new update, Google Lens will introduce some fun, and more importantly, useful new features.

How To Use Google Lens' New Features

Google Lens, once a Pixel-only feature, is now a part of the Google Photos app (or a standalone Android download). During Google I/O this year, Google announced a number of new features for Google Lens, and you can play with them on both iOS and Android right now - assuming your device now supports Lens in its Camera app (or the standalone Lens app, if it doesn't).

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First up, you can now use the lens to scan menus and instantly pull up images and reviews of each item. After that, if you’re feeling a little lazy after that food coma, you can scan the receipt and your lens will calculate the total and even let you split it to minimise those dinner bill arguments. Neat.

The update will also introduce a handy translating tool to make travel abroad less stress-inducing. You’ll now just need to scan any document and the lens will automatically translate into your chosen language.

The rollout is due start from today and will be available on all iOS and ARCore-compatible Android devices by the end of the week.

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