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With the announcement of Microsoft's new Surface Go, there will be more than a few nervous folks at the Apple and Samsung head offices. The Surface Go promises to deliver a lot in a compact and inexpensive package that could single-handedly put a massive dent in not just those tablet makers' bottom line but also the entire Chromebook market. Here's a look at how the Microsoft Surface Go compares to its major competitors.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is a 7-inch Android tablet specifically designed for children. Looking more like a toy than a tablet, it boasts advanced parental settings, a dedicated kids mode, a handful of pre-loaded educational apps and an optional grip cover. But is it actually any better for your kids than the similarly priced iPad Mini?


We learned back in February that Virgin Australia would be trialling the Samsung Galaxy Tab as an in-flight entertainment option, and that only business class passengers would be in the first round of testing. But it turns out the trial is even more restricted than that: it's only running for a single week. Fortunately, there's better news ahead.