Galaxy Tab 10.1v Now Not Shipping Until May

Having previously promised a mid-April release, Vodafone has now slightly delayed the Australian release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v. Pre-orders will be accepted from April 20, and the tablet will ship from May 1 and hit stores on May 4.Vodafone have also announced fuller pricing details for the device, which you can see at the link below.

I've been pretty taken with the 10.1v; anyone else looking forward to it?



    Sadly, the Voda site lists the "old" Tab 10.1v, not the redesigned Tab 10.1 (8MP snapper and weight give it away).

    Colour me interested when they start supplying the one with 3MP on the back that's 8.6mm thick.

      Bit harsh to call the 10.1v "old" before it's even released anywhere :)

        hence ("old") rather than (old) :--P

        Also, having given it some more thought it's not that big of a deal. From what I can see the bulk of the hardware is identical in both 10.1v and 10.1 v2, so ... I guess colour me interested now! :--]

        Now, to wait for the release and subsequent price drops...

    Too pricey for second rate device, would look at it if was the US version, not on Voda & $200 cheaper. Got Galaxy Tab from JB for the Mrs the other day for only $360 (last one in Canberra stores!) & I already have my 2.1 Chinese gpad so no new gadgets till EOFY. Hopefully we will see a flood in the market and 3.0 devices will drop in $.

      My sister picked up the last galaxy tab from Broadmeadows JB store in Melbourne. I was so surprised. The workers their didn't know the price drop and asked $400 for the tablet!!

    Quite disappointed - was told March, then Mid-April, now May. I entered my details ages ago for email updates - nothing at all yet. Glad to see Lifehacker has been updated but customers haven't...

    With the announcement that Telstra will have the Xoom in May / June, might just hold off till then and get one of those. Stuff Vodafone.

    Lost a lot of faith in Voda. Seems like they're delaying till they can shift the old Galaxy Tabs...

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