Virgin Australia To Fly With Galaxy Tab

Jetstar has had iPads since last year. Qantas is trialling iPads on one plane. Virgin Australia is also getting into the tablets-for-in-flight-entertainment game, but rather than going Apple, it will be using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Picture by Simon Sees

In its results announcement today, Virgin said that it will be using the tablets for entertainment, though initially that will only be an option for business class customers:

From April, Business Class Guests on board our Boeing 737 and Embraer fleets will experience a new era of inflight entertainment with our offering of Samsung Galaxy tablets loaded with television shows, movies and audio.

Those of us flying cattle class will eventually get the option to view entertainment via Wi-Fi on our own devices, though Virgin has only committed to a "before the end of 2012" data for that one. Like Qantas, there's no word yet on making that Wi-Fi useful for Internet access.

Qantas' current trial is also aiming to offer bring-your-own-device entertainment. One thing that does concern me with all these plans is that if you use your own device, you're also using your own battery (at least on planes without USB charging ports). But I guess we'll see how big an issue that is during all these different tests.


    These tablets will be available to economy passengers as well for flights longer than 3 hours.

    I will never be flying on Virgin Airlines again.

    If it was an iPad i would. but seeing it runs android, no thanks.

      You're seriously basing your choice of which airline to fly on whether they use an Apple product or not? You're taking this fanboy thing a little extreme.

        Did you miss the sarcasm in his post?

          In defence of Guy - sarcasm is impossible to detect in a comment. Particularly when it comes to ps3/xbox or android/ios or (insert fanboy war here). Comments of deshans level are the norm.

            I gotta admit, I also completely missed the sarcasm. It really is practically impossible to tell.

    I'd infinitely prefer a few extra power points in economy

    Good to someone resisting the Evil Empire.

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