Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v Hits Australia Mid-April, Available Outright

We already knew that the Honeycomb-running 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet was a Vodafone exclusive. Now we have a firmer Australian release timeframe (mid-April) and one potential bit of good news for users who don't want to be locked to a Vodafone contract: the device will be available outright for $729.That $729 deal includes 6GB of data with a 3-month expiry. If you'd prefer a contract, there's a $259 upfront payment, then $39 a month over 12 months, with 1.5GB of data included each month. (Total cost there is $727 — just under the outright price.) Nick at Gizmodo has also confirmed that the 10.1v tablet will not be network-locked.

Samsung has also announced two other Galaxy Tab models today — a lower-powered 10.1-inch model and an 8.9-inch device — but neither will appear until Q3. We've got our hands on a test unit, so we'll share our experience with it later in the week.


    You sure about this release date? Press conference says 8th June for US release. Is Australia getting it first?

      Yes, I'm sure -- the 10.1v and 10.1 are different devices. US announcement today focused on the 10.1, which we're getting in Q3 (as mentioned in the post).

      I spoke to an employee of Vodafone and she confirmed that they will be receiving the galaxy tab 10.1 & will be available in store for sale on the 4th of may

    Australian's ripped off again. I'll be importing it. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be released on June 8 in the USA selling for $499 and $599 for 16GB and 32GB models, respectively.

      Is that not the WiFi only version at $499? Add $200 on to that for the 3G and we're not to far off I imagine

      Why am I not surprised with Australian's being ripped off. That goes with everything, clothes, shoes, electronics, etc. etc. I do 90% of my shopping online from US websites. I save a lot inspite of shipping fees.

    Just gave it a go at Circular quay in sydney, its great, honeycomb is fantastic, many of the apps are 10x better just because of the screen real estate

    Oh and yes the release dates were confirmed by a samsung rep there

      Hi Alan,
      Just to be clear, did you test the 10.1v (April release) device. Where in Circular Quay please? I plan to go sydney in a fortnight to checkout tablets in general lol.


        Sorry dude thought they were talking about the regular one, the 10.1v isnt available until Q3... they are just here for the day as far as i know

          No, wrong way round - 10.1v is April, 10.1 is Q3.

    Can these be used as a phone (with a Bluetooth headset) like the earlier model?

    No USB host mode. No care.

    It's like when they released the DesireHD a few months ago - on Voda, but unlockable immediately. (Well, took a week to get the DHD unlocked, which was fine.) Due to the XOOM showing no signs of appearing here, I suspect I'll be into one of these on a 12-month contract (also a plus, them not wanting 24 months).

    Can these be used as a phone (Bluetooth headset) as the previous tab?

      voip only mate. Have a GT-P 7100. ( which is he modal 10.1). Got it a few days ago, have the nexus s as the phone. Both these units are apple killers.

    Quick question about the two models (8.9 and 10.1) that you say will appear in Q3.

    Are you talking Q3 Jan-Dec, or Q3 financial year.

      Q3 calendar 2010. (For Australia, the two options you suggest are the same ;)

        no they aren't the same in Australia, Q3 on a calendar year is July-September, but Q3 in the financial year is January-March.

        just to clarify this for you, calendar year is January - December, and the financial year is July - June

    There seems to be a little confusion over the lock/no lock thing. On the Vodefone blog they have clearly stated in the comments it won't be locked.

    On the pre-registration page however in the specs area it clearly states (at time of writing):

    Network lock: Locked

    So which is it? Locked? Not locked? Locked if you pre-register?

      It is not locked

    Can these tablets be used as a phone (Bluetooth headset) as the previous tab?

    To the best of my knowledge the tab is not a phone

      Incorrect - both the old and new models can make calls (assuming you have a SIM).

    Almost mid-April but still no specific date from Vodafone. Any rumours floating around?

    It's mid April tomorrow, and I spoke to Vodafone and brightpoint, they have no Galaxy Tab 10.1v yet ... doesn't look like next week either :-(

    I want to stay away from Apple...but the competitors are making it hard. I want a 10.1 tab, that is wifi only and under $600. The US is getting the SGal 10.1v (wifi only) for $499 on current exchange thats about $420 here not $729. You can now get an older apple ipad (insert appropriate displeasure) for under $500. Android needs a cheaper but workable wifi tab that can cut apples share.

    Half the problem is that a lot of dealers, & they wont admit it, have signed "no compete" clauses in Aust over Apple products!

    Apple made sure they got in early so that any new product in Aust that could compete with iPhone or iPad were either not available or delayed, or worse yet a lower spec model was to be released.

    Seems the dealers dont realise the potential of the upspec products being Apple killers as they are happy getting fat on the cult mentality surrounding Apple.

    Hey does anyone know if SGT 10.1V is coming out in the U.S. when the 10.1 and 8.9 comes out June 8th at Best Buy? Yes, there is a difference...the 10.1V has an 8mp camera while the 10.1 has a a 3mp camera with a supposed micro sd slot. I reallyreally want the 10.1V version though because of the camera and HD video recording/playback...i dont care to have a sd card slot..when i run out of room from all the photos/notes (i plan on using it at school) and stuff i'll just transfer it all to my computer........

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