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It's your birthday and you can take advantage of that if you want to! Free meals, free ice cream, free drinks -- and not just the ones bought by friends. You'd be amazed how many cafes and stores and their loyalty programs are willing to give you free things for your birthday, so I've rounded up the best birthday freebies for you right here. (If your birthday is still ages away, just bookmark this page for future reference!)


No one should buy their own drinks on their birthday. And besides getting freebies from your obliging friends, plenty of bars will give you a free birthday drink or two if you sign up to their newsletter. If you plan ahead, you can turn that free drink into a free bar crawl.


There are plenty of resources that let you download stuff for free - but most of them aren't legal. To save your eternal soul, we've compiled a list of the best (mostly) copyright-free freebies that the internet has to offer - from books and artwork to music and video games.


Hotel living is sweet, especially if you leave room in your luggage for all the mini-shampoos and towels that come with it. Too bad that taking a break from your apartment for a night is so expensive you'd be better off just buying expensive shampoos and towels. That is, unless you can learn to scam your way into a free home away from home in a way that's totally legal.


Whether it's a classic such as The Great Gatsby, or a more obscure title such as A Farewell to Arms, you should avoid shelling out money for classic books. Quartz compiled a slew of free reading resources that are available if you're looking to stock up on great literature, and you can read them basically anywhere, even if you can't walk into a library.

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We all like board games. But board games can be expensive, and some of us can no longer afford smashed avo brunches, let alone shiny new board games. But there is a cheaper alternative. Welcome to the wonders of Print and Play (PnP) board games.


The Crumb Shed Sydney is a pop-up ice creamery that specialises in bespoke Golden Gaytimes ranging from Unicorn Breath (vanilla crumb, musk sticks, strawberry hard candy, popping candy, edible glitter) to Crumb Choc Millionaire (chocolate crumb, smashed potato crisps, desiccated coconut, 100s & 1000s). For today only, it's giving away free Gaytimes between 4pm to 6pm while stocks last. Here are the details!


Companies love it when you 'like' their stuff on Facebook. They love it so much that they're willing to trade you discounts and free gifts just for clicking on that little upraised thumb button. This is why a dummy Facebook account is your friend.


AU UPDATE: Looks like it's too late to grab this - their site is showing a "509 - Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" message. Windows only: Grab a free copy of the normally-$20 DVD ripper FairUse Wizard 2, which converts DVDs to video files playable by a slew of devices. Back up your DVDs to your computer or watch 'em on your iPhone/iPod touch, AppleTV, Zune, Xbox 360, PS3 or TiVo with FairUse, which automatically rips and compresses the DVD using the DiVX, XViD, or H.264 codecs. FairUse can detect multiple television episodes on a DVD, too. For more tools like FairUse, check out our Top 10 free video rippers, encoders and converters. FairUse is a limited-time free download for Windows XP and Vista, and the FAQ says it works fine in Linux under Wine.


UPDATE: Lifehacker US has advised that Microsoft has now withdrawn this offer.
US-centric: Snag yourself a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, Office 2007, or Microsoft Money Plus before December 31st by participating in Microsoft's Windows Feedback Program. Here's the catch: you must agree to letting MS peer over your shoulder and watch how you use your computer for three months with automated feedback software, and answer survey questions about your computer use, so the 'soft can help make their 'ware better. Your privacy for software that retails for up to $400 might not sound like a good deal to some. But, if you opt for the survey feedback, you control how you answer the questions (though it'll be more work than the automated program.) Update: Do'h! You must do BOTH the survey and the automated over-the-shoulder-peering ware to get the goods. Thanks, TheTick!
AU - looks like this one is US-only, sorry guys.
Windows Feedback Program