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Another footy season is almost behind us. In a few hours, Melbourne Storm will take on the North Queensland Cowboys to decide the 2017 NRL Premiership. Here's everything you need to know about viewing the NRL Final — whether you're planning to watch live, at the pub, on TV or on the internet.


The "official" way to watch the AFL Grand Final online is via Telstra's AFL Live Official App. However, this can set you back as much as $99, depending on the version you plump for. Fortunately, it's possible to get the price down to just 50 cents by by following these steps.


Australia’s national game, Australian Rules Football, features 22 men on two opposing teams trying to kick an oval ball through the middle of some large, vertical sticks. Over the past 23 weeks, the 18 teams of the Australian Football League (AFL) have tackled, kicked and jumper-punched each other to oblivion, leaving only eight teams to compete for the Premiership Cup.

Tonight, the Finals begin. And even if you hate football, you can’t avoid the conversations.


It's a bit crazy in the US right now, but nothing will stop the Super Bowl, the iconic annual championship game for the National Football League. The 51st Super Bowl (also known as Super Bowl LI) is set to kick off in a few days' time, pitting the New England Patriots against Atlanta Falcons. Lady Gaga will be performing at half-time.

If you're in Australia and want to tune in on the game and festivities, here's how you can do it. (Even if you're at work.)


You can't deny the majesty of a perfectly-curated sports-watching snack spread. A large, party-sized sub, packed with salty cured meats is always a good idea, and delish can show you how to make a real showstopper using a bundt pan.


The NRL Grand Final kicks off this evening at Sydney's ANZ Stadium with the Cronulla Sharks taking on Melbourne Storm. Here's everything you need to know about viewing the game -- whether you're planning to watch the NRL finals live, at the pub, on TV, the internet or overseas.


Football fans this weekend are in for a treat as the AFL and NRL Grand Finals are on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. How do you watch it for free if you don't have tickets to see the games live? How can you watch them if you're overseas? How do you make conversation with AFL and NRL fans when you know nothing about the two sports? What snacks should you make while you and your mates watch the games? We've got you covered.


"How can I watch the English Premier League in Australia?" This is a question countless Aussie football fans have been asking since Optus stitched up the streaming rights in our country. Non Optus customers now need to pay a separate subscription fee of up to $20 per month; plus a $250 installation fee if they want the satellite service.

If that sounds like a lot of money, you might want to consider VanishedVPN's new Sports Service which includes access to popular sports channels like Sky Sports, Bein sports, BBC, NBC, Fox, CBS and ESPN. In addition to the English Premier League, it provides "free" access to the 2016 Olympics, Cricket, F1, NFL, La Liga, Budesliga and many more. Here's how it works.