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"Is McDonald's open on Good Friday?" "What about Easter Sunday?" "Is it open on Easter Monday?"

These are questions our intrepid fast food reporters get asked every April. Personally, we're not sure how anybody could have room for a Big Mac and fries after all those chocolate eggs - but some Aussies have prodigious appetites.


The Sydney Royal Easter Show is one of Australia's largest annual events, with up to one million people passing through its gates every year. If you're planning to attend the event with a litter of rug rats in tow, here's how to get through the day without boring them senseless or going broke.


I grew up in a Christian home, where a photo of Jesus hung on my bedroom wall. I still have it. It is schmaltzy and rather tacky in that 1970s kind of way, but as a little girl I loved it. In this picture, Jesus looks kind and gentle, he gazes down at me lovingly. He is also light-haired, blue-eyed, and very white.


If you're planning to knock back a few tipples to celebrate Good Friday, you better rush out to your local right now: all NSW bottleshops are closed tomorrow as per state trading laws. This includes the big players like Dan Murphy’s, BWS and Liquorland.


If you ever get a chance to visit the Sanctuary of Mercy church in Borja, Spain, you're likely to be confronted with a crowd of humanity all gathering around a small fresco on the church's wall. Some 90 years ago, Elías García Martínez painted an image depicting Jesus with a crown of thorns looking forlorn into the light.

It was a pretty unremarkable fresco... until an amateur church volunteer botched the restoration. Thanks, internet.


The photo above was taken at an IGA store on the 29th of January. This year, Easter Sunday takes place in April. Bloody hell.


The hot cross bun. Once a decadent indulgence that appeared on store shelves only a few weeks before Easter. Now an almost half yearly sweet, yeasty snack available the day after Christmas. Yes, that's correct.

Hot cross buns are already available at Coles and Woolworths around Australia.

Jesus wept.


Easter has passed and the bunny has come and gone, but the chocolate remains. You may have some leftovers, or you may -- in your infinite wisdom -- have hit up the clearance aisle to stock up on peanut butter eggs and hollow chocolate rabbits. Either way, here are some of the most delicious things you can do with your sweet haul besides just eating it.


Easter is the most important feast day on the Christian calendar: a celebration centered around Jesus Christ rising from the dead. So, what does egg-hiding, floppy-eared bunnies and chocolate have to do with any of that?


I honestly expected these all to be Pinterest fails. There are so many gorgeous Easter egg techniques out there -- and so many Pinterest tricks that fall flat -- that I was shocked these seven actually worked. (Can't say the same for these natural dyes, though.) Six were foolproof and one, the nail polish marbling, gave mixed results -- but when it worked, it was jaw-droppingly good.


As you tuck into your crème eggs, dark chocolate bunnies and scrumptious hot cross buns this Easter long weekend, remember that decadent treats and weight management don’t always have to be mutually exclusive.