digital music

  • Rapid Review: ROLI Songmaker Kit

    At some point or another everyone has had the fantasy of becoming a superstar, touring the world to sold out concerts of adoring fans. Sadly, most of us have no idea how to actually make music and that’s what’s holding the dream back. The ROLI Songmaker Kit aims to change that.

  • eBay Just Ruined Online Shopping By Adding Christmas Carols

    One of the worst aspects of Christmas shopping is the insufferably “festive” muzak that blares from every storefront. For some reason, eBay has decided to replicate this unpleasant experience for online shoppers. No really. For a limited time, eBay customers will be able to play soul-sapping Christmas carols directly through the browser. Bah-humbug.

  • Hack A $3 Cutlery Stand Into A Microphone Shock Mount

    Capturing crystal-clear audio with an external microphone can be tricky — especially if you’re recording from a cluttered desk. Here’s a simple sound-vibration hack from IKEA Hackers designed to make the life easier for bloggers, journalists and bedroom musicians.