Hack A $3 Cutlery Stand Into A Microphone Shock Mount

Capturing crystal-clear audio with an external microphone can be tricky — especially if you’re recording from a cluttered desk. Here’s a simple sound-vibration hack from IKEA Hackers designed to make the life easier for bloggers, journalists and bedroom musicians.

To create your DIY shock mount, you’ll need a $2.99 Ordning cutlery stand from IKEA and either some thick rubber bands or one metre of shock chord. All you need to do is thread the chord/rubber band through the Ordning’s upper aeration holes to create a cradle for your microphone. Too easy!

This will help to reduce noise caused by vibrations from the desk and keyboard to the microphone, as the below audio files demonstrate:

For added security, you could also add some acoustical absorption foam inside the can to isolate the cap. The above hack was designed for a Blue Yeti, but the hack should work for most USB microphones.

[Via IKEA Hackers]

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