Windows Media Player 12 Streams Your Media Library Over The Net

Windows Media Player 12 Streams Your Media Library Over The Net

Here’s a new one to us: Linking your Windows Live ID to Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7 allows you to stream your entire music library to any computer. Even better: no need to install third-party software with this method.

There are many, many ways to stream your music collection over the internet — but there’s something appealing about using the built-in software that Microsoft bundled with Windows 7. If you’re already using Windows Media Player 12, you can listen to your home music collection from any Windows computer through the internet. What’s more, it actually should work with all your media, not just your music.

In order to use this feature, you’ll need a Windows Live ID then you’ve got to link your Windows Live ID to your media collection. In Windows Media Player, navigate to the Stream menu and choose “Allow Internet access to home media”. You’ll want to “Link an online ID”. If you see “Add an online ID provider” in the next box, click it because you’ll need to download some software depending what version of Windows 7 you’re running.


Enter your Windows Live email address and password to link your media collection. Go back to the Stream menu, and click “Allow Internet access to home media”. In order to enable another Windows 7 PC access, you’ll need to repeat these steps. After you’re finished, your library will show up in the Other Libraries category of the left-side pane in Windows Media 7.

We don’t know a lot of people who actually use Windows Media Player, but this awesome feature could convince some — and it’s something that would be great to see in more tight-fisted media players. (Ahem, iTunes, we’re looking at you.)

Four Music-Sharing Tricks on Windows 7 [NYT]


  • It was used at all of the launch nights around Australia. The demo was run from Sydney, to stream content to a computer, and from there via play-to to a TV. Quit a cool demo.

    You can also use this functionality with WinMo to share and view content 🙂

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