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  • How Can We End Police Violence?

    With recent displays of police violence against Americans, whether the recent deaths of George Floyd and Breona Taylor at the hands of officers or the many demonstrations of brutality against peaceful protesters, it’s becoming painfully obvious that the problem is systemic, and that it will take a comprehensive approach to solve.

  • Warrior Cops: Why US Police Shoot So Many People

    Australian-born Justine Damond was infamously shot and killed in Minneapolis by US police in July last year after innocently approaching their car. In Australia, far fewer people are killed by police firearms than in the US – even after taking population size into account. We look at what’s causing this huge disparity.

  • How To Talk With Religious Conservatives About LGBT Rights

    How To Talk With Religious Conservatives About LGBT Rights

    Discussing LGBT rights in conservative religious communities can be particularly challenging, both for people who are newly out and for those of us who simply wish that everyone would just hurry up and get with the civil-rights program. One can feel that those who reject the rights of LGBT people on religious grounds are using…