Same Sex Marriage Survey: How Australia Voted [Infographic]

As you've surely heard by now, Australia chose 'yes' for same-sex marriage legalisation. Here are all the important stats from the Australian Bureau Of Statistics - from how each state and territory voted to the level of participation.

The following graphs come courtesy of the ABS website. As you can see, the Yes side's victory could only be described as emphatic. According to ABS' data, 7,817,247 people – 61.6 per cent of the vote, said yes. The no vote was 38.4 per cent.

Support for same-sex marriage was highest in the ACT, at 74%, while NSW was the lowest, at 57.8%. All states voted in favour and 133 of 150 electorates returned a yes vote. The next step is a same-sex marriage bill - which you can find out about here.

For a more detailed breakdown of the survey results, check out the graphs below!

[Via ABS]


    Now of course, the politicians having used up this delaying tactic will start looking for more to deny what the Australian people's will.

    I expect a lot of philibustering and dirty tactics from the dual citizens in Canberra to push this out past Christmas in well into 2018, to be eaten up by the election.

    I was hoping to find an age-bracket breakdown of voting on the ABS website. Not sure if this forthcoming, but would be demographically fascinating.

      I think it would likely show some trends that they dont necessarily want people talking about.

      There was a little blurb before the results went up saying that there wouldn't be age/sex breakdowns with which direction they voted as the barcodes weren't linked to form results.

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