Kmart Releases $49 Dupe of Expensive Designer Wavy Floor Mirror

Kmart Releases $49 Dupe of Expensive Designer Wavy Floor Mirror

From dinnerware to skincare and essential kitchen items, Kmart is no stranger when it comes to selling cheap dupes of the trendiest and most expensive items. Now, the discount retailer has released a new homeware dupe that has thrown shoppers into a bargain frenzy. 

The $49 Metal Frame Wavy Floor Mirror landed in stores and online as a Black Friday deal and is a replica of designer mirrors on the market that can range anywhere between $600 to $1,000 (those with additional light-up functions can even spiral to more than $4,000). 

kmart wavy mirror
Kmart’s Metal Frame Wavy Floor Mirror will only set you back $49.

According to the product description, the “simple yet stylish” Kmart mirror weighs 12.2kg, stands at 170cm high and 60cm wide and features a sturdy white iron frame. 

TikTok user Rachael Hamilton urged viewers to take their video as a sign to run to Kmart for the Metal Frame Wavy Floor Mirror — regardless of whether they were deterred by the idea of transporting it home in a small vehicle. 

“I’ve got a little Hyundai i30, and it fit,” the TikToker explained in a video. “Was it a squeeze? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes, because this is a f*****g awesome mirror.”

Rachael added: “It looks so good.”

Another shopper also got their hands on the mirror and gave it a DIY spray paint, transforming the white frame to a sleek black. 

User Tiffany Donaldson flaunted the mirror makeover in a video, describing it as their “favourite Black Friday purchase”. 

The video has since received over 39k likes and has been saved nearly 5k times. 

Countless other Aussies took to the video-sharing platform to share how their new retro wavy mirror blends seamlessly into their homes. 

kmart wavy mirror

Obviously, after blowing up on social media, shoppers wasted no time getting their hands on the bargain mirror, and unfortunately, it has completely sold out online. 

We’re just crossing our fingers Kmart decides to bring it back in stock — ASAP. Or, if you manage to spot one in-store (it’s been discounted to $25), consider yourself extremely, extremely lucky.

Lead Image Credit: TikTok

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