The $2.15 ALDI Product Rated Better Than Expensive Stain Removers

The $2.15 ALDI Product Rated Better Than Expensive Stain Removers

A common misconception with cleaning products is that a higher price tag equates to better quality and faster results. However, a consumer watchdog has busted this myth after putting more than 20 different stain removal sprays to the test to see which one reigns most effective. 

Choice, an Australian not-for-profit consumer advocacy organisation that offers independent and trusted product reviews, tested the products against 10 of the most common and difficult-to-remove stains, including sweat, oil, blood and makeup. 

Each stain was sprayed and left to sit for five minutes, then everything was washed using the same detergent

While the Sard Super Power Stain Remover Toughest Stains took out the highest score in the review with a Choice expert rating of 76 per cent, the $2.15 ALDI Di-San Pro Ultra Degreaser with Enzymes stain remover came in a very close second with a 75 per cent score.

stain remover aldi
The $2.15 Aldi Di-San Pro Ultra Degreaser with Enzymes cleaner came in close second place. Image: Aldi.

“Price doesn’t always equal performance,” said Choice editorial director Mark Serrels.

“Plus, it only costs 29 cents per 100ml, making it more than six times cheaper than its competitor.”

The Sard’s stain remover spray is priced at $1.90 per 100ml.

The Sard Super Power cleaner took out the highest score in the review. Image: Woolworths.

More surprisingly, the budget ALDI spray even beat the Sard product against several specific stain tests. 

“The Aldi spray also outperformed Sard in some tests on stains such as tomato, collar grime and baby food,” Serrels added. 

“If you’re looking for a stain remover that is gentle on your wallet but effective on your stains, we highly recommend giving Aldi’s stain remover a go.”

In third place came another Sard product – the Oils and Grime Stain Remover Expert Action – which was rated 71 per cent and is priced at $1.90 per 100ml. This product was specifically deemed the most effective in eliminating sweat stains. 

The Sard Oils and Grime product came in third place. Image: Woorthworths.

The most expensive spray in the test – StainGo Stain Remover Spot and Prrewash – only scored 64 per cent overall, despite costing a steep $4.50 per 100ml (FYI, that’s 15 times more expensive than the ALDI product). 

However, that wasn’t the lowest-scoring product of them all — in fact, there were three that performed worse. The test scored Sard Wonder Power Fizz Stain Remover, Planet Ark Orange Power Pre-Wash Stain Remover and Earth Choice Ultra Power Stain Remover a low 59 per cent, stating these products are practically the same as not using a stain remover. 

“These stain removers did not perform any better than plain laundry detergent in our testing,” Serrels noted. 

“The most expensive of the three, Sard Wonder Power Fizz spray, was less effective than detergent when it came to removing just about every stain.”

If you’re not an ALDI shopper, the test also ranked two other budget sprays within the top 10 performers — Coles Ultra Pre-wash Stain Remover and Woolworths Clean Ultimate Oil & Grime Pre-Wash Stain Remover, both also priced at $2.15. These cheap sprays scored an 68 per cent performance rating.

But even if you don’t shop at ALDI, we think it’s definitely worth the trip to the discount supermarket because, according to shoppers, the $2.15 solution doesn’t just work on stains — it’s said to double as a grout cleaner.

Sold? We are.

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