The Best Hot Sauces That Will Expand Your World Beyond Sriracha

The Best Hot Sauces That Will Expand Your World Beyond Sriracha
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There are two types of people in this world: the weak and people that can’t eat a meal without a bottle of hot sauce on hand. Like the iconic 1959 movie, some really do like it hot.

If you’re new to the world of heat, or you’re just looking for a new hot sauce to try, I’ve gone ahead and asked the Lifehacker Australia team to recommend their go-to Devil’s sauce picks that make their tongues feel like it’s burning in hell (in a good way).

Go ahead and give them a whirl, but at your own risk.

The best hot sauces to try in Australia

Truff Black Truffle Hot Sauce

“If you’re a hot sauce-on-everything kind of person, Truff should be high on your list. I’ve used it to jazz up eggs, avocado on toast, pizza – you name it! It’s rich, delicious, and the truffles make it extra decadent, but not too hot (if you prefer an extra spicy kick, the red Truff is probably up your alley!)”


Da Bomb Beyond Insanity

“While I don’t like hot sauce myself, I do I have an obsession with Hot Ones and everyone knows the best sauce on Hot Ones is Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. As a joke, I decided to gift my family of hot sauce-lovers a bottle of Da Bomb for Christmas and let me tell you, the results were worth every cent. If you want to really test your limits with hot sauce, this is the one.”

– Lauren

Bunsters Shit The Bed Hot Sauce

best hot sauce

“[Bunsters’ Shit The Bed hot sauce] is more of a condiment that builds, rather than assault your mouth immediately. The herbs and onion really give it more flavour than your run-of-the-mill hot sauce, and it compliments whatever you use it on. It’s Australian-made, it’s tart and fruity before it’s spicy, and doesn’t hit you in the back of the throat. It also isn’t made with an extract of chilli and uses fresh chilli instead. It’s a chunky sauce with texture and would be perf as a marinade.”


Old Bones Chilli Co Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce

Asha – our hot sauce connoisseur – has given us a whole bunch of recommendations, so here’s the first:

“Made in Sydney, the Old Bones Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce is what I use mostly for cooking. It goes great with jackfruit and black beans for a pulled jackfruit soft tacos. You can also mix the Garlic Chilli Sauce with some tomato paste and BBQ sauce. It’s got a smokey flavour, so it works well with both of these additions.”

Chilli Seed Bank Berry Bomb Chilli Sauce

best hot sauce

“OK hear me out. Put this one on vanilla ice cream.”


If you want a little more context, have a read of its product description below:

You would expect a sauce containing the blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry to be all sweetness and nice, but don’t be fooled. This hot sauce may have a sweet, delicious, fruity flavour but lurking underneath is a very strong and very direct hit of Carolina Reaper and Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) chillies.

Mat’s Hot Shop Dillan Dill Pickle Hot Sauce

“Mat’s Hot Shop is based in Melbourne, but they’re also making their way to Sydney. Bought this bad boy last time they were there and love it. It isn’t overly hot, and mixes habanero and pickles to perfection. I put this on corn chips (please don’t judge).”


Taco Vibes Only Hot Sauce

best hot sauce

“In complete transparency, I only bought this one because I saw it on Hot Ones. I was expecting more flavour than it has, but I love it anyway because it’s just like a really hot salsa. Be careful with this one, though, the reaper really builds after you’ve swallowed.”


Ass Blaster Hot Sauce

best hot sauce

“This isn’t the best hot sauce out there but it’s the funnest and is perfect for a gift. It’s made from habanero chilli, and while it isn’t the hottest sauce out there, it’s mostly heat and not so much flavour.”


Cholula Original Hot Sauce

We also have a few more recommendations from another hot sauce aficionado in the team, Laura:

“Cholula is my girl. She’s the reliable sauce that can go on anything. She’s not too spicy but has a full flavour of chillis, capsicums and tomato. The best bit is while the original Cholula flavour is amazing, but if you’re lucky, you can find other variations, including chipotle and garlic. All elite. Thank me later.”

Frank’s Original Redhot Sauce

“Frank’s is your tried and true American hot sauce. It’s more on the zesty, vinegar side than it is spice, and pairs beautifully with anything from eggs to fried chicken. It’s what you think of when you ask for hot sauce at a burger joint, because chances are, they’ve got Frank’s.”


Tapatío Hot Sauce

“Tapatío is the leading hot sauce at Mexican joints. He’s got a kick and packs a bit of heat, but nothing too crazy. It’s more of a bolder flavour than Cholula and absolutely delicious. If it wasn’t so spicy, I’d bathe in it.”



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