Macca’s Has Revealed the Final Two Limited Edition McNuggets Sauces

Macca’s Has Revealed the Final Two Limited Edition McNuggets Sauces

It’s always a good day when you hear Macca’s announcements, and today I come bearing deliciously good news. McDonald’s has revealed its final two limited edition McNuggets sauce flavours: Curry Sauce and Mighty Hot Sauce.

That’s right, these two heavenly-sounding McNuggets sauces will be available from McDonald’s for a limited time only, so you better get in quick.

It comes after McDonald’s announced that it was launching four new McNuggets sauces this winter, with Curry Sauce and Mighty Hot Sauce being the final two mystery flavours.

I am a strong supporter of using the Sweet and Sour sauce and the Big Mac sauce to dunk my precious little chicken angels into. But I’m always open to trying new things.

What are the new McNuggets sauce flavours?

McDonald's McNuggets sauces
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As I mentioned, the final two McNuggets sauces hitting those beloved McDonald’s golden arches are Curry Sauce and the Might Hot Sauce.

Both sound absolutely delicious and already have me drooling.

According to McDonald’s, the Curry Sauce is a delicately spiced and fruity blend. From that description, I’m thinking it will be something similar to sweet and sour with a little more of a kick.

For those spice addicts out there, the Mighty Hot Sauce takes chilli to the next level and apparently packs the ultimate punch.

Now listen, I know everyone loves a good chilli hit, but I’m personally hoping that the flavour won’t overpower the McNuggets because I’d rather not have my tastebuds burnt off.

But hey, if your mouth feels like it’s on fire from the sauce, just get a McFlurry to cool it down.

In case you were wondering, the first two limited edition McNuggets sauces that McDonald’s announced were Cajun and Szechuan.

These two flavours have all but sold out, so consider this your sign to run to Macca’s and get yourself some Aussie chicken McNuggets.

When can I get the new sauces?

Now that I’ve got you yearning to taste McDonald’s new McNuggets sauces, I should probably tell you when we get them.

Both of the new McNuggets sauces will be available in McDonald’s restaurants across Australia from Wednesday, July 20 – Tuesday, August 2. Or until stocks last.

So, set your alarms for your Macca’s run, and you can be one of the first to try out the new McNuggets sauces.

If reading this has left you feeling a bit peckish, here’s the full list of McDonald’s new winter menu items. I, for one, cannot wait to try out that new Crème Brulee McFlurry.

What’s your favourite sauce to dunk your McNuggets into? Let us know in the comments below!

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