Is the Grimace Shake Available in Australia? An Investigation

Is the Grimace Shake Available in Australia? An Investigation

If you’ve been on the internet lately you may have noticed a bunch of videos about the McDonald’s Grimace Shake. It’s the latest viral trend that has gripped the U.S. and, as always, it begs the question of whether the hot new menu item is available at Macca’s restaurants in Australia.

Let’s investigate.

What is the Grimace Shake?

The Grimace shake was released in June 2023 in honour of the 52nd birthday of Grimace – McDonald’s purple mascot.

The drink is part of a special meal deal at McDonald’s in the U.S. which includes a choice of a Big Mac or 10-piece nugget meal and medium fries.

The shake is inspired by the purple character and is made up of creamy vanilla soft serve blended with Grimace shake syrup and topped with whipped cream. The result is a light purple milkshake that is described as tasting like fruit, berries and birthday cake.

While it may seem like any other special edition milkshake, the Grimace shake has taken off unexpectedly online.

Countless mini-horror videos have been posted online of customers giving their birthday greetings to Grimace and proceeding to drink the shake. This then cuts to a shot of the drinker feigning death in a variety of creative places.

You can check out the trend for yourself on TikTok.

McDonald’s has been a good sport about the dark trend, responding with a meme of their own.

Is it available in Australia?

Unfortunately, no.

Lifehacker Australia reached out to a McDonald’s Australia representative who confirmed the Grimace shake is not available at local restaurants. They could not confirm whether the drink would be available in the future.

Just add it to the list with Adult Happy Meals and Biscoff McFlurries of McDonald’s items that Aussies are still waiting for.

It’s not the same but you could always make your own version of the Grimace shake by adding purple food colouring to a McDonald’s vanilla thick shake. Happy Birthday, Grimace!

To soften the blow somewhat you can check out what’s featured on McDonald’s updated winter menu, which includes a brand new McFlurry.

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