McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals Have Arrived in Australia

McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals Have Arrived in Australia

Over a year ago we were lamenting the fact that our U.S. friends were racing to McDonald’s to enjoy Happy Meals made specifically for them. But the Adult Happy Meal never made its way to Australia – until now.

McDonald’s Australia has announced that this time the popular Happy Meal trend is coming to Australia, with the return of McNugget Buddies.

What’s included in an Adult Happy Meal in Australia?

Adult Happy Meals first made their way into our collective conscience in late 2022, when U.S. McDonald’s partnered with Cactus Plant Flea Market for a limited edition box and set of collectible figures and merchandise.

Then, late last year, the meals made a return overseas with McNugget buddies, a concept that hadn’t been seen for 25 years. The fast food giant partnered with artist and street style icon Kerwin Frost, who designed a series of buddy toys inspired by his childhood experiences.

This same collaboration is what will land at Aussie McDonald’s.

“No matter how long it’s been, Macca’s fans never forget the feeling of opening a Happy Meal box to see the surprises inside. Fans told us they wanted to celebrate that quintessential childhood experience again, so we’ve delivered for the big kids. We’re excited to bring the McNugget Buddies back to Australia, creating more feel-good moments and memories for our customers.” Amanda Nakad, Director of Marketing for McDonald’s Australia said in a press release.

Adult Happy Meals offers a choice between either a 10-piece Chicken McNugget Meal or a Big Mac Meal, which includes fries, a drink and, of course, a collectible toy, all housed in special packaging.

Which McNugget Buddies can you collect?

As for the toys, each McNugget Buddy has a unique wardrobe, personality and hobby, with six different designs on offer. Here’s a breakdown of each of the collectible characters:

  • Kerwin Frost: The Mayor is a true champion of the Buddies and encourages them to be themselves. In his free time, catch him adding art to his collection or fixing things around the neighbourhood. 
  • Don Bernice: The Wise Stylist, an experienced fashion designer who creates all the outfits for the Buddies, while also offering stern advice (that’s always nice!). After all, she is “don” – the very best! 
  • Uptown Moe: The Neighborhood Hero, the no-nonsense, street-smart, supportive guy from around the block everyone knows and loves. He also gives the best motivational speeches on a whim.
  • Waffutu: The Curious Optimist was raised by the whole neighborhood. She spreads positivity wherever she goes and can turn any frown upside down with the wave of a wand and tilt of a crown. 
  • BRRRICK: The Cool Guy, the most adventurous Buddy who speaks in puns, loves trying new things and techno music. He’s lowkey nervous, but always cool under pressure.
  • Darla: The Dreamer, a soft-spoken yet peacefully confident singer who is pursuing her dream of becoming a superstar as the lead singer of “The Frostettos.” When she’s not on stage, she’s running her local Macca’s – where she’s employee of the month every month!

For the first time, collectors trading cards will also be offered with each McNugget buddy.

Adult Happy Meals will be available for purchase in Australian McDonald’s restaurants starting Wednesday, February 14. They’ll be available for a limited time and only while stocks last.

Now we’re just waiting for the Grimace Shake to make an appearance.

Lead Image Credit: McDonald’s Australia

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