TikTok’s ‘Grumpy Girl Stomp’ May Just Be the Best Walking Trend Invented

TikTok’s ‘Grumpy Girl Stomp’ May Just Be the Best Walking Trend Invented

Need to let off some steam but don’t have access to smashable plates or a punching bag? Well, according to the latest TikTok walking trend, all you need to do is slip on some sweats and go for a walk. 

No, we’re not referring to the ‘hot girl walk’. While this was once the hottest topic, the grumpy girl stomp is now the trend that has everyone talking. Or should we say, stomping?

Influencer Madi Wood is the person behind the latest craze on the video-sharing platform. In her video, she explains it involves lacing up your runners and getting into nature with your grumpiest self, in an effort to shake off your bad mood. 

“It’s when you go for a hot girl walk but you’re grumpy and you’re just getting your steps in and fresh air ‘cause you know it’s good for your sanity even though you don’t want to,” Wood told her followers. 

Image: Instagram @maddiwood_

In various grumpy girl stomp videos, she sums up all the reasons why she’s in a mood with captions like: “Not on a hot girl walk but a grumpy girl stomp because I’m bloated, the gym was too crowded, I spilled water all over my bench press and one of my AirPods is dead.” 

Image: Instagram @maddiwood_

Another caption read: “Not a hot girl walk but a grumpy girl stomp because I’m sober after a long weekend of drinking, having flashbacks to dumb things drunk me said and did and hoping I’m the only one who remembers.”

Image: Instagram @maddiwood_

The grumpy girl stomp hashtag has already amassed over 705k views at the time of writing, with plenty of users jumping on the trend. 

“It’s definitely a grumpy girl stomp when you have to go back to work after your birthday,” one user captioned their video. 

Unlike the hot girl walk, which requires you to dress up in your cutest activewear, slick back your hair like Hailey Beiber and accessorise with chic headphones and an emotional support water bottle, the grumpy girl stomp allows you to throw on your comfiest (read: daggiest) clothes. 

“I don’t hot girl walk, I slick back unwashed hair, throw on a stained sports bra, dirty sweater and I grumpy girl stomp,” a TikTok user posted. 

Image: Instagram @theaudhdgirlie

The idea is that by stomping around in nature, you not only reap all the benefits of being surrounded by greenery, but you’ll have time to process whatever is making you angry. You’ll return from your stomp feeling calmer and happier because you’ve been able to release some of that pent-up energy and let go of all your emotions. Plus, you’re getting steps in, which is always good for your overall health. 

So next time you’re feeling upset, head outside and get stomping.

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