ALDI’s Award-Winning Coffee Proves Good Taste Doesn’t Need to Cost You Loads

ALDI’s Award-Winning Coffee Proves Good Taste Doesn’t Need to Cost You Loads

Good news for anyone who loves a bargain. Home of the grocery deal, ALDI, has been awarded the title of Best Coffee Beans and Best Coffee Pods by consumers on Canstar Blue. Those of you who are familiar with ALDI’s coffee options will know that it’s not only great, but it’s cheap. The coffee pods come in at just 44c per pod, and dark coffee beans shake out to be 12c per cup.

Here’s a bit of a closer look at what customers have said about the coffee and which brands ALDI was up against.

Best coffee pods: Who was ALDI up against?

Canstar Blue took ALDI’s Expressi coffee pods and compared them to other popular brands, Nescafé, Nespresso, and Starbucks by Nespresso.

The best coffee pod comparison reviewed the opinions of over 400 Australians and ranked each of these brands accordingly. ALDI’s Expressi took out the top spot alongside Nescafé.

ALDI’s pods received five stars for value for money, packaging convenience, variety and range and overall satisfaction while Nescafe landed five stars for taste, texture and consistency, packaging convenience and overall satisfaction.

Nespresso and Starbucks by Nespresso followed in third and fourth place. This is the second time the ALDI pods have taken out the win here.

aldi coffee pods beans
Via Canstar Blue

You can find the full price breakdown for ALDI’s coffee pods here:

ALDI Expressi Coffee capsules

  • Expressi Intenzo 16pk $6.99
  • Expressi Calabrese 16pk $6.99
  • Expressi Abruzzo 16pk $6.99
  • Expressi Torino 16pk $6.99
  • Expressi Milano 16pk $6.99
  • Expressi Reggio 16pk $6.99
  • Expressi Renzo 16pk $6.99
  • Expressi Organic 16pk $6.99
  • Expressi Decaffi 16pk $6.99
  • Expressi Valletta 16pk $6.99
  • Expressi Tauro 16pk $6.99

Best brands for beans

Moving onto coffee beans! Here, ALDI was ranked up against Lavazza, Coles Urban Coffee Culture, Grinders and Vittoria. As we’ve mentioned, ALDI Lazzio landed first place and was followed by Lavazza in second place, then Vittoria, Coles Urban Coffee Culture and Grinders.

ALDI Lazzio coffee was given five stars for packaging convenience, value for money, texture and consistency and overall satisfaction by consumers on Canstar Blue. This is the third consecutive year ALDI has won this award.

Canstar Blue
Credit: Canstar Blue

You can find the full price breakdown here:

ALDI Lazzio Coffee

  • Lazzio Coffee Beans Medium 1kg, $14.99
  • Lazzio Coffee Dark Beans 1kg, $11.99
  • Lazzio Ground Coffee Medium Roast 500g, $8.49
  • Lazzio Ground Coffee Dark Roast 500g, $8.49
  • Lazzio Coffee Beans Medium Dark 500g, $8.49
  • Lazzio Ground Coffee Medium Dark 500g, $8.49
  • Lazzio Single Origin Coffee Beans 1kg, $16.99
  • Lazzio Ground Organic Coffee 250g, $4.99

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