You Need This Ice Cream Sandwich Hack in Your Life

You Need This Ice Cream Sandwich Hack in Your Life

Ice cream sandwiches may be more of ‘A Thing’ overseas than they are in Australia, but ever since I first tried one I’ve never looked back. I mean, it’s cookies + ice cream, it’s a match made in heaven! That being said, scooping your own ice cream sandwich at home can get messy. That is, until you’ve tried this miracle hack.

How to make a quick and easy ice cream sandwich

This hack comes to us from Ismael Cocinillas, with on-point commentary provided by Nathan Cintron.

The method is as simple as buying a packet of cookies (the larger, the better) and a tub of your favourite ice cream flavour. FYI a round tub will work better in this instance. In the example below, a pint tub of Ben & Jerry’s is used.

From there, you’ll want to cut through your tub of ice cream with a knife, resulting in circular slabs of ice cream.

After that, you can simply peel away the packaging from the outside of your ice cream, place a cookie on either end, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly carved ice cream sandwich. It is that easy.

For something extra, try dipping your completed ice cream sandwich into some melted chocolate and then freezing it. This will give you a hard chocolate coating that is extra delicious.

If you need a visual demonstration, take a look at the video below.

If you are thinking it is a bit too cold outside right now for ice cream, then I am here to tell you that it is never too cold for ice cream, and also to save this hack in your brain for when summer returns.

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