Prefer Peters Ice Cream? You're Showing Your Age

Roy Morgan has released its latest research data about Australia's ice cream tub buying habits. The flavour of the moment is Bulla Ice Cream — but only if you're young and hip enough.

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In 2012, the best-selling supermarket brand was Bulla, with almost one-in-three ice cream buyers choosing this brand. However, the majority of Bulla's market share is made up of younger buyers, with older ice cream fans sticking with Peters and Streets.

"The popularity of Peters and Streets is highest among grocery buyers aged over 50, while younger shoppers overwhelmingly choose Bulla," the Roy Morgan report explains.

This is a significant turn-around from five years ago, when Peters was the dominant ice cream brand at supermarkets across all age groups. Its market share has since slipped to 30 per cent; a drop of almost 10 per cent.

According to Roy Morgan research, Australia's ice cream tub sales have experienced a decline in the past year, with an average of 500,000 fewer tubs purchased each month. Could the unpredictable weather patterns brought on by climate change be somewhat to blame?

Curiously, despite the frequent cold, Tasmanian shoppers are the most prolific ice cream buyers: around 64 per cent of Tassies buy a tub each month. South Australians meanwhile, are the biggest abstainers, with 41 per cent having not bought any ice cream in an average four week period.

Australia-wide, women are more likely to purchase ice cream tubs than males: in the last four weeks, 65 per cent of all ice cream grocery buyers were female.

House brand ice cream sales stay cool

We've written about the rise of house brands groceries in the past, but ice cream appears to be one industry where brand loyalty still matters — at least among older shoppers.

Roy Morgan found that Coles' and Woolworths’ own ice creams have gained a 10 per cent market share in the past few years. This may sound impressive on paper, but its nothing compared to some supermarket goods: house brand eggs, for example, currently command 80 per cent of the market.

“Roy Morgan Research data shows that Coles and Woolworth’s home-branded ice cream tubs are proving popular among younger buyer who may not have the same loyalty to the older, iconic brands,“ Roy Morgan Research director Norman Morris adds.

Ice Cream (tubs or cartons) Buyers Profile [Roy Morgan]


    We buy Bulla. It's the only brand we have found to have multiple products that are gluten free.

      This is why we buy Bulla as well!

    This may sound harsh, but this article has to be the most useless thing I have read today...

      Someone paid $950 for the report tho :) lol

    anyone know which company makes ben and jerrys in australia ??

      No one, it's imported. :) hence the price tag.

    Häagen-Dazs all the way.

    Can't stand Bulla ice cream..... to me its Bulla-shit! Peters all the way! (I'm 26... so obviously too old and un-hip for the bulla crowd.................)

    Last edited 26/03/13 9:45 am

      I haven't had bulla in years, but back when I did, I always thought that it was inferior to the others.

    Who seriously eats enough large tub icecream to have a favourite? No wonder we have an obesity epidemic. o.O

      Seriously? If you've had tubs that you don't like and then find one that stands out, it's your favourite. it could be the second tub, could be the fourth.

      Another one would be if you grew up having only one certain brand.

      It is actually really easy to have a favourite

      I do??? I only buy icecream a couple of times a year, but that's still enough to have a favourite.

      And it's vanilla. But I also like neopolitan. Yes I'm boring.

    Could... ...climate change be somewhat to blame? bit of a long bow to draw... I wonder what Tim Flannery's favourite is? I'd put my money on something imported...

    Reason for decline: ice cream has become a lot more expensive in the last few years!
    Reason for Bulla's popularity: Bulla Creamy Classics. Yum!

    We buy bulla tubs and the stuff on sticks and we are mid 30s. It tastes like ice cream rather than a chemical shitstorm, especially the extra creamy varieties. I tried the one labelled as real dairy or whatever and was seriously annoyed after eating it and not really liking it and found it was bloody low fat! You have to warn people about those kinds of shennanigans!

    Younger people probably buy bulla branded stuff cos their parents bought it for them as kids cos it seems to be less artificial and more 'independent' than the other big brands.

    And there is no mystery about buying ice cream in cold weather/climates - tub ice cream goes with hot puddings in winter. Der.

    What are your favourite fruit flavoured ice creams or gelatos?

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