PSA: Your Kitchen Rangehood Probably Needs Deep Cleaning

PSA: Your Kitchen Rangehood Probably Needs Deep Cleaning

When it comes to things you’re probably forgetting to clean in your house the list is long. Your sink needs deep cleaning, your tiles probably have years of built-up grime. Add to that list a thorough cleaning of your kitchen rangehood, and the amount of unsanitariness that we live amongst is a bit confronting.

Thankfully, we have sources like TikTok these days to alert us to these facts and also show us the simple ways to get the cleaning done.

How to tell if your rangehood needs cleaning

If you’re wondering how you can tell when it’s time to clean that rangehood, apart from obvious grime build-up, Westinghouse Australia points out a few tell-tale signs:

  • Grease starts to build up on surrounding cabinetry or walls
  • Cooking odours stay in the kitchen and are not soaked up by filters
  • Smoke stays in the kitchen even after the rangehood has been running
  • Your rangehood suction seems compromised due to warping or bends, dents or holes in your filters

How to clean that baby

Perhaps when it comes to your rangehood you didn’t even know it had the ability to be removed and cleaned. That’s certainly the case in this TikTok from @lifewith.annette that reminds us it’s definitely time to give this area of your kitchen a thorough scrub.


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As you can see in the video, most rangehood designs make it pretty easy to pop open and clean the grate and internal parts – probably because you’re expected to actually get in there and clean, not leave it to rot for years on end.

I just went and checked my own kitchen rangehood, which is a different design to this one, and, yep, it’s pretty gross in there.

This TikTok doesn’t give us a catch-all solution for cleaning the rangehood parts, but the comments section did have some suggestions.

Things you can try include:

  • Soaking the mesh grate in the sink with water and bicarb soda.
  • Soaking the grate and any detachable parts in the sink with dishwasher tablets for 30 minutes.
  • Soak in vinegar and baking soda solution for an hour.
  • Use oven cleaner on the mesh grate (the creator tested this and says it worked the best)
  • Someone recommended cleaning the area with all-purpose Tricleanium (another wonder product from Bunnings)
  • Replacing the filter (the soft foam part) regularly.

Westinghouse Australia actually suggests just using warm soapy dishwashing liquid or baking soda to soak the filters, fearing that harsher chemicals could tarnish the mesh. But depending on the level of grime on your rangehood, you should really just use whatever works for you.

Consider this your reminder to add your rangehood to your list of deep clean items.

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