Your Kitchen Sink Is Begging to Be Deep Cleaned

Your Kitchen Sink Is Begging to Be Deep Cleaned

Cleaning is never a fun chore but it’s certainly a satisfying one. There are a lot of areas in our homes we’re probably not cleaning often enough. Pretty much everything and the kitchen sink could use a deep clean every now and then and, luckily, TikTok has come up with a method to do just that.

How to deep clean your kitchen sink

The everyday person probably keeps their kitchen sink pretty clean, on the surface at least. Because it’s out of sight out of mind, you might forget that the parts under your drain cover also need cleaning, particularly when you see how gross things get under there.

This TikTok from @stilettosandbricks has shown us a relatively quick and easy way to get your kitchen sink completely clean.


How to deep clean your kitchen sink & drain. . . Check that your plumbing pipes are secure once you’ve removed the drain part before turning on the water. #cleantok #cleaningtipsandtricks #cleaning #cleaningtiktok

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It starts by using the strainer in your kitchen sink to unscrew the drain part below. Now, this method won’t work for everyone’s kitchen sinks, it all depends on the design, but the one shown in the video seems to be pretty common. Personally, I just tested it on my kitchen sink and it worked for me.

After unscrewing that you’ll be met with what is likely an unseemly sight of all the grime that’s been living beneath the surface of your sink.

To clean this use a cup of white vinegar and get scrubbing with a brush or sponge. The video then suggests you mix up a paste of dishwashing liquid and bicarb soda to scrub all the parts of your sink.

From there pour some bicarb soda and white vinegar down your sink and leave it for ten minutes and then rinse it all down with hot water. After that, you can reattach all of the sink parts.

If you have any of the leftover cleaning paste you can use it to clean the exterior of your sink. Wiping it all down with baby oil on a microfiber cloth at the end will give it a shiny finish.

Once you’ve done the sink don’t forget there are other common household items that could use a deep clean as well, like your shower head.

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