This Bunnings Grout Cleaner Will Clean Years of Grime From Your Tiles

This Bunnings Grout Cleaner Will Clean Years of Grime From Your Tiles

Nobody wants to spend hours cleaning, especially when it’s something like your kitchen or bathroom tile grout. We’re always looking for ways to make the experience less time-consuming and less, well, boring. Enter a cleaning tool from Bunnings that has shocked a lot of people for how good it cleans tile grout.

The Long Life Grout Cleaner from Bunnings, which is just $10.99, has taken Facebook groups by storm (as our pals at NineHoney have reported), with many users boasting about how well it works and that the product took their tile grout from grimy to fresh in no time.

According to Bunnings, the product “restores and revitalises grout between ceramic tiles, slate, terracotta, brick and masonry surfaces”, and it’s easy and ready to use, meaning you don’t need to whip up any concoctions at home.

If the reviews under the grout cleaner are anything to go by, it seems like this is a pretty powerful product. Just check out some of the before and after photos users posted.

grout cleaner
Image: Bunnings reviews

One reviewer said that they’ve never been so enthusiastic to scrub their floors until they started using the Long Life Grout Cleaner from Bunnings, and wow, I wish to achieve that level of desire to clean my home.

Another user recommended leaving the product on for 10-15 minutes for the best results, saying they cleaned the whole house in a few hours and only needed half the bottle. They went on to say with light to medium scrubbing, the Bunnings grout cleaner was able to wash away eight years’ worth of grime.

Some users have warned that it’s a bit heavy on the nose, so it’s best you leave your windows open when using it, otherwise you may find yourself a tad lightheaded. But I suppose that makes sense, given it’s a strong chemical working to clean grout.

Other users have said they used the product with a Bunnings grout broom, which made cleaning their kitchen tiles a lot easier.

Okay, I’m off to give my tiles a new lease on life.

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