5 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

5 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Cleaning isn’t something that many of us enjoy, so we often look for better and more efficient ways to get the job done. For some of us, that means using a robo-vac to do the work for us and for others, that means finding as many cleaning hacks as possible. What none of us want to know, however, is that we may be cleaning things incorrectly and making small mistakes without even realising it.

When we stumbled across a TikTok from Home Reimagined, we were shocked at the different cleaning mistakes we’ve been making all this time.

5 cleaning mistakes you’re making

1. Not letting the product sit long enough 

I know it’s always tempting to wipe something away as soon as you’ve sprayed it but according to this TikTok, you need to let the cleaning product sit so it can penetrate the germs long enough.

If you just spray and wipe, chances are you aren’t giving the product enough time to actually do its thing and actually eat up the grime whilst also disinfecting.

The example that Home Reimagined gave was that oven cleaner will actually turn brown as it melts away grease.

2. Using too much product in your mop bucket or not wringing it out enough

I’m definitely guilty of this cleaning mistake; I never really know how much to wring my mop out and am always left with very wet floors.

But luckily for us, this mop-cleaning hack in the video will help us out.

If your floors are ending up streaky, your mop head has too much water. You need to wring it out better to avoid any streaks.

If your floors are coming out cloudy, chances are you’re using too much product in your bucket.

3. Not vacuuming in both directions 

I was actually shocked at this cleaning mistake. In my defence, I just had never thought about vacuuming in both directions and just assumed one way was enough.

As the video states, if you are only vacuuming in one direction, without flipping and vacuuming sideways afterwards, you aren’t deep enough into the carpet fibres and picking everything up.

This cleaning hack has truly changed my life. I will never vacuum the same again.

4. Not dusting or vacuuming surfaces first

If you aren’t dusting or vacuuming (using a soft-haired vacuum) a surface to remove dirt and debris before you wipe them down with a damp cloth, then you are just going to end up caking them in nastiness.


5. Not cleaning your cleaning devices 

It’s important that you’re regularly maintaining your cleaning machines and tools. If your cleaning machines aren’t clean, then how can you expect them to clean other things? That’s poetic.

This goes for your cleaning cloths, rags and towels, too. Please give them a regular wash. This applies to your gross kitchen sponge too.

By cleaning your devices and tools regularly, you can extend their lifetime of them and make sure you’re getting the best clean every time you use them.

If you want to, you can check out the video below.


5 cleaning mistakes you may be making! 🫣   1)    Not letting the product sit to penetrate the germs long enough: If you are wiping up right away, then you aren’t letting the product do its job and eat up the grime while disinfecting! 2)    Using too much product in mop bucket or not wringing out your mop enough 💧: If your floors are ending up streaky, it means the mop head has too much water on it (wring it out better) and if the floors come out cloudy, then you have put too much product in the bucket 🪣 3)    Not vacuuming carpet in cross direction: If you are only vacuuming one direction and not flipping and vacuuming sideways/the other direction afterwards, you aren’t getting deep into the carpet fibers and picking everything up! 🧵 4)    Not dusting or vacuuming surfaces first: ensuring you are dusting or using a soft haired brush to vacuum dirt and debris before wiping any surface is very important to ensure you aren’t just adding water to dirt and creating mud in your home! 🧽 5)    Not Maintaining Your Cleaning Machines: Make sure you be cleaning and maintaining your cleaning machines and rags properly, so that you can extend the lifetime of them! 🧼We will go over maintaining and cleaning machines during our spring cleaning segment coming up! 🌷     Are you making any of these mistakes?!     Follow for more cleaning tips!   Products 🔗 in Amazon Shop in B | 0, see the “as seen in videos” list❤️ #cleaningtiktok #cleantok #cleaningtips #cleaningmistakes #cleaning

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How many of these cleaning mistakes have you been making without realising it?

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