The 10 Islands Aussie Travellers Are Obsessed With Right Now

The 10 Islands Aussie Travellers Are Obsessed With Right Now

Alright, travel fans. Hands up if you’re feeling done with the cold weather in Australia. Same. If you’re keen to swap out sweater weather for a little bit of island time, Expedia has gone ahead and shared its list of best (most popular) island destinations according to traveller interest trends across 2022 and 2023.

Here, we’ve shared a list of the top island destination options to consider jetting off to this winter – and we’ve also added in their distances from Australia, just to help make your decision a little simpler.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

The best island destinations according to Expedia trends

best island travel ideas
Okinawa, Japan. Credit: JNTO

According to Expedia Australia, traveller interest (based on accommodation interest on from January 1, 2023 –  June 5, 2023, compared to January 1, 2022 – June 5, 2022) in island escapes is up by an average of 315 per cent year on year.

Additionally, the travel server has found that some 83 per cent of Aussies are looking for a holiday” that involves little planned activity”, with 74 per cent of folks “planning to do so internationally”.

Island destinations
Langkawi, Malaysia. Island destinations.

Expedia compared traveller interests on site along with well-rated accommodation options to pull together a list of the top 10 island destinations for Australians.

Those are:

  1. Fiji (about 4 hours from Sydney)
  2. Okinawa, Japan (about 14 hours from Sydney)
  3. Lombok, Indonesia (about 15 hours from Sydney)
  4. Kauai, Hawaii (about 13 hours from Sydney)
  5. Langkawi, Malaysia (about 12 – 13 hours from Sydney)
  6. Ischia, Italy (about 24+ hours from Sydney)
  7. Bali, Indonesia (about 6.5 hours from Sydney)
  8. Paros, Greece (about 24+ hours from Sydney)
  9. Samoa (about 5 hours from Sydney)
  10. Koh Samui, Thailand (about 13 hours from Sydney)

If you’re looking for accommodation options in each of these island destinations, Expedia suggested the following:

Samoa. Island destinations

Daniel Finch, Expedia Brands Managing Director, said of the results:

“As Fiji continues to grow in popularity with Aussie travellers, its number one spot on the Expedia Island Index is well deserved and may come as little surprise to those that have been. But for those looking for inspiration outside of the usual suspects, islands, including Okinawa, Japan, and Ischia, Italy, are fantastic options, particularly for those who might already be planning a trip to Japan or Italy.”

Finch continued, “Whether it’s ongoing cost considerations, or just the growing desire to switch off and recharge, Aussies are embracing overseas getaways that prioritise relaxation above all else.”

Now, all that’s left is to find a bargain on the flights that’ll get you over there. Here’s a hack that’ll help you find the cheapest flights every time you plan a trip.

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