This Skyscanner Hack Will Help You Find the Cheapest Airfares

This Skyscanner Hack Will Help You Find the Cheapest Airfares

Travel is back in full swing post the pandemic closures, but unfortunately, just like everything right now, the prices have not returned to pre-pandemic levels. Snagging cheap flights is tougher than ever right now, but this Skyscanner hack may help you out in that department.

Skyscanner is a website that collates a list of flight deals and prices on any given travel dates and, as pointed out by Escape, it has a search filter that can help you find the cheapest flights around.

For this hack to work you will need to be somewhat flexible with your travel dates and destinations. It’s not going to work if you have a very specific route you need to travel on certain dates, but it can gift you a cheap airfare if you’re willing to be open-minded.

Ready to see where the world takes you? Basically, all you need to do is open Skyscanner, input your home city and then, in the destination box, select “Explore everywhere”. Then select your ideal travel dates and see where the site takes you.

Here’s an example of some of the results I got from a search for flights from Sydney in the next week.

skyscanner cheap flight hack
Screenshot: Skyscanner Australia

There are some extra factors to consider when using this tool. Skyscanner’s lowest fares also include those that involve stopovers or are booked through third-party websites rather than the airline directly. Neither of these may be dealbreakers for you, but it’s something to consider when you see those cheap prices and wonder how it’s possible.

skyscanner hack
Screenshot: Skyscanner Australia

This Skyscanner hack is definitely a great tool to use if you’re itching for a holiday but need a way to do it on a budget.

We all know how difficult airfares can be, so landing a cheap flight just takes one extra stress out of the equation, leaving you with more money for activities.

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