What’s Your Dream Holiday Destination?

What’s Your Dream Holiday Destination?

Australians are a travel hungry bunch and not even the plummeting Aussie dollar is deterring us from jumping on a plane and exploring the world. That’s according to a new survey by travel company Expedia. The organisation has also put together the destinations Australians want to visit the most in the near future. Is your dream holiday location on the list?

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Expedia surveyed 5450 Australians adults and found that 84 per cent of respondents have been overseas, 71 per cent have done so in the past two years. The average Australian international traveller has visited eight countries, according to Expedia. Nearly one in 10 of those who have been overseas have travelled to over 20 countries.

While you’d think the weaker local dollar will make Australians think twice about heading abroad, 73 per cent of people surveyed who have been overseas intend to travel again in the next 12 months.

Expedia was also interested in finding out which destination Australians want to visit the most. According to the survey, 97 per cent of respondents had a “Travel Bucket List” which details where they want to go in the next five years. Here are the top 10 international locations that were on those lists:

Rank Destination Rank Destination
1 USA 6 France
2 England 7 Japan
3 Canada 8 Germany
4 New Zealand 9 Hong Kong
5 Italy 10 Greece

As for the local destinations:

Rank Destination Rank Destination
1 Melbourne 6 Great Barrier Reef
2 Sydney 7 Darwin
3 Hobart 8 Central Australia, Cradle Mountain
4 Gold Coast 10 Broome, Great Ocean Road
5 Perth 10 Cairns, Brisbane

No, the last two rows are not typos. All four destinations came equal 10th

What countries are on you “Travel Bucket List”? Let us know in the comments.


  • Bucket list, huh? Hmm. Probably China. Possibly Japan. Actually, Japan seems a hugely popular destination. A lot of my friends have been or are planning a trip.

  • Went to Bora Bora French Polynesia and for a once in a lifetime moment in your life where every picture you take is postcard worthy, it is absolutely wonderful. Also isn’t Cradle Mountain anywhere but central Australia, Uluru would be closer to central Australia, Cradle Mountain would be closer to central Tasmania (also an absolutely wonderful place, the walks are just serene).

  • My dream holiday is specifically not about a destination. For the past few years now I’ve been wanting to do the Big Lap (the whole way around National Highway 1) on my motorcycle. I’ve got some friends that want to do it too, and we were even thinking of doing it starting it this coming May (plan is to do it over 12 weeks). Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances I’ll have to put it off for (at least) another year, but this one still tops my list.

    Other than that I’d love for all of my future holidays to be motorcycle road trips! What a great way to see the world 🙂

  • I have the travel bug bad I been to the US, UK, NZ, Italy, France, Japan, Germany and Bora Bora. The only place I would go back in a heart beat is Bora Bora…… as barned01 said every view is a post card. Then maybe Japan, for some stationary of coarse.

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