5 Running Coaches Give Their Best Tips for Preparing for a 10K Run

5 Running Coaches Give Their Best Tips for Preparing for a 10K Run

Running takes a special kind of motivation. I admire those who have it, but if you’re one of those who don’t, or perhaps you’re a regular runner and you’re just here for some pointers on how to improve, we have consulted some experts for their top tips on how to prepare for a long-distance run.

Here’s what they had to say.

Expert running tips for your next 10K run

Exercise myths

Ben St Lawrence – Dual Olympian, Founder of RunCrew

“Consistency is key. No single session is going to make a significant difference to your running fitness, it’s the accumulation of days, weeks and months of training. Yes, every run is important, but not in isolation. There are no shortcuts to running fitness, so aim to start racking up ‘good’ weeks of training rather than getting all fired up to smash an out of this world session that you won’t be able to repeat. Find a way to fit running into your days/weeks that will allow for long term, consistent participation, such as joining a run club, finding a running buddy, signing up for events, etc – then start layering the fitness. Running really is a sport that rewards long-term commitment.”

Aynslee Minnaar – RunCrew Coach

“How you train for a running event is important, however, recovery is equally important.”

“…rather than making it complicated, focus on the basics. That is, sleep well, eat well, hydrate, and take your easy runs easy. If you recover well, you’ll get so much more out of your training.”

Veronika Larisova, Exercise Physiologist, ultra-endurance runner and nutritionist

“Contrary to the myth that long-distance runners should not lift big weights, heavy resistance training seems effective in injury prevention and can improve running economy.”

“Running is an endurance exercise, much like lifting light weights at high reps. So, there is no need to build muscle endurance at the gym. Instead, to build strength, power, and muscle coordination, runners need to lift heavy with lower reps.”

“Incorporating unilateral moves such as split squats, lunges, and single-leg deadlifts is also essential.”

“Use light exercises such as gluteal activations with ‘booty bands’ to warm up and prepare for heavy lifts.”

run fast running speed

Rachel Stanley, running coach and founder of Run180

“Run at 180 steps per minute (yes it’s a thing).

“Observations of Olympic runners have found that the magic cadence of 180 steps per minute can prevent overstraining, and may the best safest and most efficient way to get you to that finish line. The easiest way to achieve this is to set your music to 180beats per minute and run to the beat.

“However, getting to this pace needs to be gradual. Starting at 180bpm may be too much for someone who is starting out. My app Run180 helps runners build up to this pace.”

Ben Lucas – Running coach and founder of Flow Athletic

“Have a game plan to follow for the week before your event. If you are planning on eating a certain meal, or taking certain supplements to fuel your run, make sure that you have started introducing those ingredients to your diet at least 1-2 weeks out from event day, as the last thing you need is an upset stomach the morning before the fun run. The same goes for your clothes and shoes. In the interest of saving yourself from blisters, the day of your fun run is NOT the best day to try out your new pair of shoes or new outfit.”

“As fun runs usually start pretty early, I have everything out and ready to go the night before, so that I can wake up, get ready and have a moment to myself before I need to leave for the event. I get out my shoes, clothes, I always bring nipple tape. As a guy, nipple chafing can be horrendous when you are doing a fun run. If you are someone who gets chafed inner thighs, try wearing a pair of Step Ones.”

If you want to take this advice and apply it, one place you can do that is at the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 5 & 10K fun run which is happening on July 23. That gives you a couple of solid months to put these running tips to use! Best of luck.

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