The One Thing That’ll Land You More Dates on Hinge, According to User Data

The One Thing That’ll Land You More Dates on Hinge, According to User Data

New data from Hinge is suggesting that the way to someone’s heart may, in fact, be through their funny bone. According to research from the dating app, a massive 92 per cent of daters have stated that a shared sense of humour is something they consider to be particularly important when choosing someone to date.

This research from the app also highlighted some pretty damn interesting trends that have popped up for singles swiping. For example, the most popular way to flirt right now, both before and after a first date, is by sending a meme. And, I mean, who among us has not used internet humour to connect with someone? This Grape Lady falls video is the foundation of, like, three of my friendships.

And the stats don’t stop there. Some 60 per cent of Hinge daters shared they’re keen to get a sense of someone’s “meme humour” before the first date, and 44 per cent of daters said they are more interested in someone after receiving a meme they find funny. More than that, a huge 73 per cent of Hinge users shared they use memes to decipher someone’s sense of humour on the app.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “How in the hell can a meme have that much of an impact on someone’s dating life,” rest easy. We asked an expert that very thing.

We chatted with Logan Ury, Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science, about these humour-based dating trends on Hinge and their weight in real-life dating situations.

Love and humour on Hinge

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Ury shared over email that while memes can appear a little silly (which they often are), there can be real insights to be found in these kinds of lighthearted interactions.

“Sharing our sense of humour — including through sending memes — allows us to lower our walls and let someone in,” she said.

“Early conversations on Hinge or over texting shouldn’t feel like you’re running through job interview questions. Making jokes and sharing memes helps let people know that you don’t take life too seriously. Sharing memes is also a way to get to know each other more deeply by seeing what interests and passions you have in common.”

The secret here is that you need to find a balance between cute memes and genuine moments of vulnerability.

“…you can’t rely on humour alone,” Ury added.

“So while you’re sharing all of those memes, don’t forget to also share your real emotions and feelings. Use memes to connect, not deflect. An obscure meme from an iconic sci-fi show or a joke quoting a book that you love may lead you both down a deep and meaningful rabbit hole.”

And when it comes to building a real relationship, Ury shared that there is a lot to be gained from finding a partner with a compatible sense of humour to yours. Yes, it’s fun in the early stages, but it can also be a sign of relationship strength over time.

“More important than having a shared sense of humour is having a sense of humour about life in general,” she said.

“Humour can create a strong emotional bond between partners. Laughing together releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones, which can deepen your connection and create positive memories. Sharing a sense of humour allows you to enjoy lighthearted moments, find joy in each other’s company, and navigate through life’s challenges with a lighter perspective. When you laugh with someone, it feels good, and we want to keep spending time with them.”

Humour and laughter can also be a real positive presence when that partner you met on Hinge and you need to approach an awkward conversation or deal with a tense situation.

“It also helps break the ice when you need to broach an awkward conversation and can help alleviate tension and stress when you’re fighting,” Ury shared.

“You don’t need to enjoy every single TV show that your partner likes or laugh at all the same comedians. Instead, use humour as a way to share joy and laugh at life’s more ridiculous moments.”

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