Hinge Claims Its Latest Update Will Double Your Chances of Landing a Date

Hinge Claims Its Latest Update Will Double Your Chances of Landing a Date

Dating in 2020 is a curious ‘ol beast. Between social distancing restrictions and the almost completely digital existence that followed for many of us, meeting and connecting with new people has felt like a near-impossible feat.

The apps have pivoted with the times, however, introducing features like voice and video chat functions to help smooth over the weirdness that is not physically interacting with new humans. That has offered some benefits for singles looking for lurve in a pandemic, sure.

But now with restrictions easing, and IRL interactions slowly returning, it seems the opportunities to click with potential flames are only increasing.

Which, if you’re single AF and hoping to meet someone, is a pretty exciting thing.

With the momentum for dating picking up again, Hinge has decided to add to the romantic vibes by introducing a couple of new – pretty interesting – features to its app.

What’s new?

Taking a petal out of Osher Günsberg’s book, Hinge is rolling out a function titled Roses. The feature is designed to push you to the front of the queue when you find a lil hottie you’re into. In short: a Rose trumps a regular like or comment. Kind of like a super like or super swipe – only with added romance.

They’re also limited, these guys. Every Sunday, you’ll be gifted one Rose that you can give to a special someone. And if you’re feeling particularly impressed with the talent on the app during the week, you can choose to purchase more Roses.

Hinge has also announced a feature called Standouts. The app shared that this feed is personality-focused, and filled with profile prompts they think will be solid conversation starters for you. In a statement, Hinge said “In Standouts, you’ll see Prompts and Photo Prompts from people most your type”. Based on your previous behaviour on the app, this section of the platform will be updated daily.

So, how much of a difference will this make?

Well, until we give it a solid try, I can’t really say. But, Tim MacGougan, Chief Product Officer at Hinge told Lifehacker Australia over email that these features are intended to “put the focus on personality, so users can quickly find someone to build a connection with”.

“Going into 2021, more people are prioritising having a genuine connection with someone special. Since the pandemic began, one in three Hinge users feel more urgency to meet someone, and more than two-thirds of Hinge users are thinking more deeply about the type of person they want to be with,” he said.

And in terms of data, MacGougan said that Hinge’s research suggests “that sending someone a Rose doubles your chances of going on a date”.

Not too shabby.

So, long story short, if you’re hoping to end 2020 loved up maybe make like a Bachelor and give handing out Roses a shot.

Hinge’s updates are launching for the app globally from December 8th, 2020.

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